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submitted by Arthur Tasso Velliss on 21.02.2011

Wee Waa, NSW

Dimitrios Megalakonomos, from Mylopotamos, in 1902 purchased the White Rose Cafe in Wee Waa, renamed Olympia Cafe in 1911after rebuilding due to fire.
In 1922 Andrew Comino, from Perlegianika, and his partner Andrew Megalokonomos from Mylopotamos, purchased the Olympia Cafe in Wee Waa (trading as Comino Bros).
In the 1950's to mid 1960's Comino Bros Cordials operatied from behind the Olympia Cafe in Wee Waa (refer Stories of Wee Waa by Ian Thompson printed in 2000, pg 193-200)
In 1952 KYTHERA FARM was established, 1050 acres on the banks of the Namoi River, wool was at a premium.
In 1968 James and John Megalokonomos (sons of Andrew Megalokonomos) purchased Kytheria Farm and still run it today, growing cotton, wheat, barley etc.

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