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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 08.03.2015

When Greek meets Greek - They marry

When Greek meets Greek-1948

When Greek meets Greek – They Marry
Lismore, Thursday – Two men and two women who had not seen each other since they were tiny children in Greece were married in Lismore last night (Wed 3 March) in the first* Greek double wedding for the district.
They were married in the Church of England with the Greek ceremony, by the Very Rev Metrofanis of Sydney.
The families of both couples have been life-long friends on the tiny island of Cirigo, but , but the two bridegrooms, George Psaltis and Gregory Londis came to Australia more than twenty years ago as boys.
The girls, Hariklia Feros and Katina Psaltis (Sister of one of the bridegrooms) arrived only a few weeks ago.
Neither bride speaks English, but a friend said they would soon be taught by their husbands.
Some of about 250 guests travelled more than 700miles. They came from all parts of New South Wales and Queensland.
Published in The Courier-Mail Brisbane, 5 March 1948.

George Psaltis – George Protopsaltis, arrived on the steamer Osterley at Sydney July 1928.
Gregory Londis – Gregory Leondarakis, sponsored by his brother George Leondarakis 1927

* Correction - The first double Greek Wedding in the district was first held on 5 June 1929 also at St Andrews Church of England Lismore when the Very Rev.Theofylactos of the Greek Orthodox Church conducted the marriages of Harry Fardouly (Inverell) to Artemis Crethar (Lismore) and George Poulos (Lismore) to Zafiro Crethar (Lismore).

“When Greek meets Greek” – Why we say this.
This often misquoted saying is a English saying rather than of a Greek saying and originates from an play written by Nathaniel Lee in the late 17thCentury.This expression has been used to headline reports of conflicts by opposing parties in law disputes, wars, civil matters, anecdotes, satire and cartoons in the Australian press from earliest times. On occasions Greeks themselves have been the protagonists.
On this occasion certainly a misquoted misquote with out question!

Written and researched
Peter Makarthis (McCarthy)
Inverell NSW
8 March 2015

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