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History > Documents > 1844 Census listing Venardos ( Katsavias ) from Potamos

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 02.07.2007

1844 Census listing Venardos ( Katsavias ) from Potamos

1844 Census listing Venardos ( Katsavias ) from  Potamos
Copyright (1844)

These are the 1844 census records listing the children and grandchildren of Nicolas Drakos Venardos from Potamos. It shows their "parachuklie" as Katsavias"

Nicolas Venardos was my great great great grandfather.


Anastasios Venarados of Nicolas; 28; Farmer; absent

Maria his wife; 25; present

Nicolakis their son; 12; Sailor; absent

Panayiotis thei son; 6; present

Polychronis their son; 1

Manolis Venardos of Nicolas; Katsavias; 27; Sailor; absent (my great great grandfather)

Maria his wife; 23; present

Nicolas their son; 2; present

Efrosyni their daughter; 1; present (my great grandmother)

Dimitrios Venardos of Nicolas; Katsavias; 36; Farmer; absent

Potheti his wife; 30; present

Nicolakis their son; 8; present

Efrosyni thier daughter; 6; present

Maria their daughter; 2; present

Stamatico their daughter; 2 present

Jannis their son; 1; present


Many thanks to Telemachos Combis for obtaining this information for us.

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