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John Carras

George C Poulos & Dr Nick Comino discuss Mr Chris Andalis' poem...

...written in dedication of her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce, AC, and her presence at the Kytherian panayiri.

www.kythera-family.net & Katsehamos and the Great Idea

Welcome! Welcome one and all from all over Australia and Overseas. We welcome you in our city of Brisbane for this special event. We are here to consolidate our strength and to unfold another visionary wish. Here in the well known “Cyprus House".

Your Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce, Governor of our state of Queensland, with your husband Michael. Today you have honoured us with your presence. We are proud that you share our perspecuves and are proud of your ethical support. We thank you and welcome you officially as Kytherian friends. We hope that one day the opportunity arises that your Excellency and your family, along with all of today’s official party, and others, visit our beautiful island, to see what all the fuss is about!

Our little island has a rich and incomparable history, just like the rest of Greece.. It bore many talented persons, people who have left the world a far better place.

People like the unforgettable Alex Freeleagus, who I believe was best man (koumbaros) at your wedding. How he would have loved to be present here today.

We are gathered here to promote the book “Katsehamos and the Great Idea”, by well known Sydney lawyer Peter Prineas. We are also gathered here to officially launch in Queensland, the “kythera-family” website.

Once again, we are honoured to have Your Excellency, and Mr Bryce present for this function.

Chris Andalis, Philokytherian

The panayiri, the greatest of Kytherian-Brisbane events, was held on Sunday the 15th April, 2007, from 11:30 - 5:00pm.

The venue was the Cyprus Club, also known as the
West End Club,
2 Vulture Street,
West End 4101
(07) 3844 7965
Fax(07) 3844 7757

[email protected]

The event was held for 3 reasons:
1. to mark the official Queensland launch of www.kythera-family.net
2. to mark the official Queensland launch of Katsehamos and the Great Idea
3. to forge a new and inviolable union between the Kytherian Association of Queensland Inc, and the Kytherian Association of Australia, (ostensibly the Kytherian Association of NSW).

The occasion became known as the Brisbane panayiri and mega-event.

Ultimately, demand for seats was so high, that the event had to be moved from Kapsali Restaurant to the Cyprus Club.

Attendance was c. 500

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