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Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

Modeart Beauty Parlor ad in 1940 USA Greek Newspaper

Evangeline Alfieris, daughter of Yiannis and Maria Chlentzos Alfieris, owned and operated a beauty parlor in San Francisco in the early 1940's.
This ad was placed in the "PROMETHEUS", Hellenic National Journal, Oct. 3, 1940

The ad reads:


"Before you get ready for any social gathering, visit first the beauty salon of Miss Evangelia I. Alfieri. Try a modern ... styling (Finger wave) and beautifying of the face (facial) and you will showcase the beauty of your inheritance from your illustrious origins. Of course, you will become more beautiful women."

Yiannis Alfieris (1883 - 1966 ) and Maria Chlentzos (1883 - 1968) immigrated to the USA in 1906 via Alexandria, Egypt.

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