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Dean Coroneos

Queensland Government Garden Certificate awarded to Theo Corones.

Theo lived at the time in Bargara, Queensland.

Theothosios Koroneos - Theo Corones - was sponsored to Australia, as a youth, by his maternal uncle George, and aunty Georgia, later of Beverley Hills.

He lost a leg to an infection in his early twenties.

Part of his rehabilitation involved art therapy. He later became quite a famous artist in "Kytherian" circles.

He settled in Sydney, and drove cabs for many decades, before attempting later in life to re-establish himself in Karavas, Kythera.

He returned to Australia, and retired to the North Queensland coastal town of Bargara.

Theo in Bargara, in his award winning garden

Theo, in 1931, as a 6 year old, alongside his mother, and two sisters

Theo as a groomsman at his Uncle Dimitri's wedding

Theo, in 1960, at age 35, alongside his brothers and sisters

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