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submitted by George Poulos on 28.04.2007

The new, larger than life banner of

The new, larger than life banner of
Copyright (2007)

This banner can be seen in quite a number of photographs that are now being submitted to kythera-family.

It will be displayed in the future at all events at which is represented.

Download/save a copy of the Banner as a .pdf format here:

Banner Kythera-family net proof.pdf

It features two persons who have become the most-sighted Kytherians in world history, by virtue of being chosen by James Prineas to be the key Logo-type figures designating

On 18th March, 2007, when I asked James to provide me with a brief biographical background for the pair, James answered:

They are, Yanni and Katina Feros of Mitata. Katina is still alive, Yanni died in about 2001. Yanni and Katina had a garden
(perivoli) down at Paliopoli. The went down there almost every morning and picked fresh vegetables, then drove to
Hora to sell them at the platia. Always smiling, they were cheeky and lively. They weren’t even married - Katina was
at that time a widower. They just happened to share the same surname.

Yanni had terrible rheumatism and not long after this picture was taken he had his legs amputated, such was the pain. He still worked - (Iragged himself around his garden with pads on his elbows. In the last year of his life they lived down in their little spitaki at Paliohora. Lovely people. Yanni used to drink I or 2 litres of his own wine each night, mostly at Stamatakou’s restaurant. He probably had to drink to reduce the pain so he could sleep.

Ordinary Kytherians...but typical!

The base of the kythera-family banner carries our Mission Statement:

With the help of interested Kytherians worldwide, aims to preserve and reflect the rich heritage of a wonderful island. Members of the community are invited to submit their family collection of Kytherian stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, biographies, historical documents, songs and poems, home remedies etc. to the site. Uploading directly to the site is easy, but if you wish you can also send your collections to us by email or post and we will submit them for you. Thus we can help make available valuable and interesting material for current and future generations, and inspire young Kytherians to learn more about their fascinating heritage.

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