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submitted by George Poulos on 31.07.2005

DNA - A Proposed Tzortzopoulos Gene Project.

As has been well documented at kythera-family there are many parachouklia (the Scot's would say clan groups) amongst those who share the family name TZORTZOPOULOS.

Names include:


Details about each parachoukli can be found at People, subsection Nicknames.
Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all Tzortzopouli and their parachouklia.

It has been an aspiration of mine for many decades to endeavour to determine just how close - genetically - the members of each of these groups are.

Enter Heraldry and Genealogy

I have long maintained an interest in Heraldry, Iconography, and Genealogy. As President of the Australian Iconography Foundation, and as a senior member of Heraldry Australia Inc, and the Australian Flag Society, I have the good fortune of meeting and working with people like Chris Lindesay, President of The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.. Chris happens to be involved in a Project that is intriguing, and which is well advanced.

The Lindsay Surname DNA Project

Details of this Project can be found at the Lindsay International website:

The DNA Project link is:

The Lindsay clan believe that
"Over the next few years (start-point 2001), the convergence of genetics & genealogy will, without doubt, revolutionize the tried and tested methods previously available to the family historian. While "genetic genealogy" will most likely not provide any of the traditional genealogical answers in the near future, it is already revealing valuable results that will offer new life to previously stalled family genealogy projects."

The web-master also provides a brief background history of the Project:
"Although I had read numerous articles over the previous two years, it was in October 2000 when I became fully aware of the relatively new application of DNA testing as it pertains to the genealogical pursuit. Then on December 5, 2000 I received an e-mail from Ann Turner, List Administrator for the RootsWeb Genealogy-DNA forum, inviting me to participate in that on-line discussion group. My life in retirement has not been the same since."
The stated purpose and goal, of the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project, is to perform Y-Chromosome DNA tests on a representative international group of males bearing the Lindsay surname in order to reliably establish the Lindsay haplotype (s) for each of the lineages and determine which of the Lindsay lineages share a common ancestor.

The evolving conclusions drawn from the data found in the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database can be found in the sub-sections designated as Lindsay DNA Groups 1-12 found at the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database page. It is anticipated that the database will continue to grow and hopefully at some point we will be able to easily match any Lindsay (how ever spelled) male who is tested with other well documented Lindsay lineages that already exist in the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database.
In addition to the specifics related to the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project, the various topics, found in this section, will provide a general background of the primary technology developments in the field of DNA testing that are most relevant to the family historian and the field of genealogy. Within this subject matter, external web links are frequently offered to other web sites that will provide more detailed scientific and technical information for those who desire a greater depth in the material presented here regarding the fascinating field of molecular genetics and genetic genealogy."

The Subsections of the Lindsay Surname DNA Project Page include:
Lindsay DNA Project Rules of Participation
Lindsay DNA Project Guidelines
Lindsay DNA Project Registration Form
Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database
Lindsay DNA Project Status Reports
Lindsay Haplotype Conclusions
Consent & Liability Release Form
Defining & Refining Your Lindsay Haplotype
Markers Used By The Lindsay DNA Project
FAQ Regarding DNA
DNA Project Introduction
Human Genome Project
Basic Genetics
Genetic Haplogroups
DNA Tests
Y-Chromosome STRs
DYS Nomenclature
Commercial Laboratories & Y-Marker Comparison
Y-STR Haplotype Databases
Scottish Surname DNA Projects
Other Surname DNA Projects
Academic Genetics Projects
Recommended Reading
Genetics/DNA Glossary
Genealogy-DNA Forum

GeneTree. Enter the Laboratory

Gene testing is going to be far too expensive! will be most Kytherians immediate response to the Proposal that each set of family clans provide a member to be tested for a Project that would replicate that begun by the Lindsay's.
Not really, is Chris Lindsay's reply. For about A$200, all you need do is send two saliva swabs to the GeneTree laboratory.

Link to GeneTree website:

GeneTree claim they possess excellent facilities to provide DNA Relationship Tests
"GeneTree DNA Testing Center is a recognized world-class genomics laboratory and a global industry leader in using DNA to definitively measure distant biological relationships. The lab routinely performs DNA testing to answer questions of grand-parentage, cousin, twin zygosity, and more.

Other DNA Relationship Tests:
- Full- or Half-siblingship Testing
- Aunt or Uncle Analysis
- Grand-parentage Testing
- 1st Cousin Testing
- Twin Zygosity DNA Analysis"

GeneTree claim that they work hard to produce "the world's most accurate DNA test results and to provide superior quality, service and convenience to its customers. By offering the GeneSwab™ home DNA collection kits free of charge for any of our DNA tests or services, GeneTree is demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction. Select from our offerings above, or view our complete list of DNA testing products and services. When you need to know the truth about a biological relationship, choose a DNA testing laboratory that provides the following service:
Accurate - new 2x, 16-STR DNA technology.
Confidential - your complete privacy guaranteed.
Affordable - guaranteed lowest price, no hidden fees.
Accredited - AABB and ISO 17025 Accreditations.
Convenient - GeneSwab at-home DNA collection kit.
Quick Results - 3 to 9 days, distance not a factor!
Secure - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
Reliable - online BBB reliability reports."

A Tzortzopoulos Surname DNA Project just $200 away. The precedent and the effectiveness of such a Project has already been well testified to by the Scottish Lindsay clan. Now all that is required for the Tzortopouli and other kythera-family groups to become involved is to overcome a bit of scepticism.

I suspect that such a Project would confirm a hypothesis that I have maintained from young adulthood -
that ...the genetic relationship between the various parachouklia groups of Tzortzopouli, most of whom derive from Karavas, is much closer than most Kytherians believe.

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