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George Poulos

Gilgandra & Districts and the Manusu family.

Very intrigued by a recent entry re: Aussie Canadian Greek - Robert Sydney Watt.

At his website


he relates some of the history of a

Michael James Manusu

Robert had written to Helen & Terry Hall (Tuesday, August 23, 2005) to inquire about the name Minnie Manusu.

"I received this confirmation to my question. (Wednesday, 24 August 2005)

Thank you to Terry & Helen for solving the "Minnie Mystery" for me.

Re Minnie Manusu, here are her details."

Father: Mikhail Stratos Manousous (Michael Manusu)
Mother: Sarah Manusu (nee Baldwin)

Second child, a daughter:
Manusu [aka Maunsee], Amelia [aka Minnie]
DOB: 19.Mar.1857 about 01.00pm at Broulee/Bodalla.
Christened: 28.Sep.57

Married: 1875 James [aka "Jas'] Maegreegor [aka "McGregor"]

Lived in Coonamble.

James "Jas" and Amelia "Minnie" had three children:

Oliver (Died 1875 at Broulee)
Alexander "Sandy.”

Beyond Minnie/Jas's children, I have conducted no further research of this branch of the Manusu family, which would follow the surname Maegreegor [aka McGregor"].

The aka names are ones that I have found when doing research on NSW BDM records. In the early days of NSW, BDM records were often passed on by the family to visiting postmen when they came with the mail to a country property or the local vicar, or Dad would ride into town to register BDMs.

So people relied upon the local postman, or Dad, or the local Registrar to get spellings right. The result is, today, we see many different permutations on names, but recognisable enough to know which person is which!

Strate (Manousou) Manusu --- nee? No further information

B - Possibly the 1800’s (Greece)

D -

+ 1 known Child

Michael James Manusu --- Sarah Anne Baldwin M - April 03 1854, Anglican Church in Braidwood, N.S.W. Australia

B - June 23 1826, Mytilene, Greece

D - January 08 1902, Mudgee, N.S.W. Australia

+ 13 (known) children

Sarah Ann Manusu --- George Boyd M – 1877, Coonabarabran N.S.W. Australia

B - 1855, Majors Creek, NSW, Australia

D - 1910, Windsor, NSW, Australia

Christopher Baldwin Manusu --- Annie Harriet Marsh M – 1888, Gulgong N.S.W. Australia

B - 1856, Eurobodalla, N.S.W. Australia

D - 1901, Mudgee, N.S.W. Australia

+ 4 known children

Vera M Manusu --- Sydney Deluca (Sydney D. Luca?) M – 1919 St. Leonards N.S.W. Australia

B - 1890 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Christopher Marsh Manusu --- Stella M McCallum M – 1921 Mudgee, N.S.W. Australia

B - 1892 Coonabarabran N.S.W. Australia

D - December 11 1968 Sydney, late of Ultimo, formerly of Gulgong

Leo Michael Manusu no further information

B - 1894 "Brunnenah" Gulgong N.S.W. Australia

D - July 24 1916, 26 Villers Bretonneux-France

Gordon Miles Manusu --- Vera C. Hill M - 1920 Gulgong N.S.W. Australia

B - 1897 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia or Mendooran N.S.W

D - August 26 1978, R.G.H. Concord, late of Strathfield, formerly of Gulgong, N.S.W. Australia

Amelia (Minni) Manusu --- Mr. Clausen No further information

B -March 19 1857 "Comerang" Bodalla, NSW, Australia

D -

? Amelia (Minni) Manusu --- James McGregor, Later M – 1875, Moruya / Broulee N.S.W. Australia {Refer to beginning of notes}

Angelina S Baldwin Manusu -- William R. Dutton M – 1888, N.S.W. Australia

B - 1862, Broulee N.S.W. Australia

D -

Thomas Pericles Manusu --- Ada Cordelia Byrnes M – November 17 1887, Coonabarabran Australia

B - October 01 1864, "Grecian Inn" Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

D - August 10 1915, Mendooran, N.S.W. late of Wellington Australia

+ 5 known children

Viola M Manusu --- Robert R. Richardson m -1920 Dunedoo, .N.S.W. Australia

B - 1888 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Alma V Manusu --- James W. Jennings m - 1909 Mudgee, N.S.W. Australia

B - 1890 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Iris Ivy Manusu --- Percy Samuel Greenhalgh m - 1925 Church Hill, N.S.W. Australia

B - 1892 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D - August 17 1975 Mendooran N.S.W. Australia

Silvia G Manusu --- unknown

B - 1893 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Ferdinand Pericles John Manusu --- Emma Stewart Howard m - 1922 Rockdale N.S.W. Australia

B - March 15 1895 Wellington N.S.W. Australia

D - July 09 1975 "Piawola" Mendooran N.S.W. Australia

+ 3 Children

Margaret Gwendoline Manusu - Norman Henry Watson M - 1958 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

B - February 04 1925 Mendooran N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 1 Child

Peter Watson

B - February 22 1967 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Stephanie Alison Manusu - Meyer Samuel Marshall M - 1960 Singapore

B - May 15 1927 Mendooran N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 2 Children

Janet Marshall

B - March 1961 Singapore

D -

Sandra Marshall

B - November 1963 Singapore

D –

Howard Pericles Manusu - Rosemary Roslyn Campbell M - October 11 1958 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

B - February 23 1929 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 3 Children

John Pericles Manusu

B - August 19 1959 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 2 Children

Alexander Richard Pericles Manusu

B - November 02 1962 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D -

Kate Stephanie Manusu

B - June 07 1965 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D -

Jane Rosemary Manusu now - (Manusa)

B - June 27 1961 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 4 Children

Alistair Gordon Abbott

B - January 27 1988 Australia

D -

Christopher Hendrik Abbott

B - September 30 1989 Australia

D -

Lachlan Hamish Abbott

B - May 09 1961 Australia

D -

Lyndon Pericles Abbott

B - November 30 1963 Australia

D -

Kathie Louise (Frankland) Manusu

B - April 07 1963 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 3 Children

Mitchell Baughton

B - August 14 1963 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Nicholas Baughton

B - August 09 1965 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Joshua Baughton

B - September 30 1967 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Achilles Strate Manusu --- Eliza Anne Colwell M – 1900, Coonamble N.S.W. Australia {Refer to Colwell Branches}

B - February 27 1867, "Belmuringa" Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

D - March 24 1950, Gilgandra Hospital N.S.W Australia

+ 7 known children

Armstrong Michael Manusu --- Ivy nee Leigh No further information

B - July 25 190 Wellington N.S.W. Australia

D -

Ashley Edward Manusu --- Daisy Caroline Ivy nee Rankmore

B - June 08 1903 Wellington N.S.W. Australia

D - March 24 1950 Gilgandra, N.S.W. Australia

+ 3 children

(Female Infant) Manusu no further information

Maxwell Gordon Manusu --- Mavis Claire no further information

Eliza Manusu no further information

Hughie Hilton Manusu --- Susan Matilda Myrtle nee Johnstone no further information

B - December 07 1906 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D - September 07 1978 Gilgandra, Late of Tooraweenah N.S.W. Australia

John Manusu --- Dorothy Nina Rochow no further information

B - November 11 1910 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 1 Child

Peter Manusu - Helen

+ 3 Children

Mavis Alma Manusu --- George Colin Innes

B - September 27 1912 Bringle Creek N.S.W. Australia

D - Chatswood N.S.W. Australia

+ 2 children

Robert John Colin Innes

B - June 18 1937 Hornsby N.S.W. Australia

D -

Pauline Lesley Innes

B - March 21 1947 Chatswood N.S.W. Australia

D -

Sydney Gordon Manusu --- Gladys Ivy Garbutt M - 1933 Gilgandra Australia

B - February 27 1914 Tooraweenah, Gilgandra shire, N.S.W. Australia

D - December 01 1996 Gilgandra, N.S.W. Australia

+ 6 children

Gordon James Manusu --- Patricia Hanley

B -

D -

+ 2 children

Cheryl Manusu

B -

D -

Craig Manusu

B -

D -

Marjorie Joan Manusu --- Brain John Lawrence M - April 01 1956, Tooraweenah, (Gilgandra shire), N.S.W. Australia

B - February 09 1937, Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 3 children

Jennifer Kay Lawrence --- Bruce Keith Fisher M - January 08 1977, Kempsey. N.S.W. Australia

B - October 10 1956 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 2 Children

Jason Bruce Fisher --- Kelly Maree Simmons M - September 18 2005, Townsville, N.S.W. Australia

B - July 29 1979, Townsville, N.S.W. Australia

D -

Keryn Anne Fisher

B - April 20 198, Coonabarabran, N.S.W. Australia

D -

Anne Elizabeth Lawrence --- James Bruce McDonald M - February 27 1982, Gilgandra. N.S.W. Australia

B - August 27 1958, Macksville, N.S.W. Australia

D -

+2 Children

Angus James Lawrence McDonald

B - July 09 1984, Young, N.S.W. Australia

D -

Ceilidh Fiona McDonald

B - August 01 1986, Young, N.S.W. Australia

D -

Fay Janet Lawrence --- Stephen Thomas Edwards M - January 07 1984, Gilgandra. N.S.W. Australia

B - December 29 1959, N.S.W. Australia

D -

+2 Children

Mathew Thomas Lawrence Edwards

B - July 29 1986, Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Luke Stephen Lawrence Edwards

B - November 19 1987, Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Catherine Gladys Manusu --- John Douglas Watt M - May 16 1959, Sydney N.S.W. Australia (Refer to Watt Branches)

B - January 15 1939 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 4 children

John Martin Watt

B – December 18 1962, Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Stephen Douglas Watt

B – August 26 1964, Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Robert Sydney Watt

B – November 02 1965, Fairfield (Old Fairfield Hospital) Sydney Australia

D –

David Michael Watt

B – January 011970, Fairfield (Old Fairfield Hospital) Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Edward William Manusu --- Gaye Gordon M -

B – June 08 1941, Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D –

+ 1 child

Nadaine Manusu

B – N.S.W

D –

Shirley Anne Manusu (step mother) --- Warwick Daniels M - Sydney N.S.W. Australia

B – 10 July 1946, Gilgandra, N.S.W. Australia

D –

(+ 2 children)

Rhonda Daniels

B – 31 May 1969, Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Stephen Daniels

B – 09 June 1971, Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Frances Kaye Manusu

B - June 27 1949 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 3 children

Troy Ashley McVerry (father John McVerry)

B – April 01 1969, Fairfield (Old Fairfield Hospital) Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

Tracy Lee McVerry (father John McVerry)

B – July 10 1971, Fairfield (Old Fairfield Hospital) Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D –

+ 2 children

Krystal McVerry (twin of Jade)

B – April 23 1993, Fairfield N.S.W. Australia

D –

Jade McVerry (twin of Krystal)

B – April 23 1993, Fairfield N.S.W. Australia

D –

Hamish Stephen Laws (father Stephen Laws)

B – December 31 1974, Sydney Fairfield N.S.W

D –

Frank Colwell Manusu no further information

B – July 19 1922, N.S.W. Australia

D – March 26 1950, Kempsey, N.S.W. Australia

Themistocles Alexander Manusu --- Susan Sarah Marchant M – 1899, Coolah, N.S.W. Australia

B - June 05 1869, Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

D - 1945, Dunedoo N.S.W. Australia

+ 4 known children

Bernice T. M Manusu --- Cyril Clyde Corby no further information

Hermione A Manusu --- Douglas J. Loudon no further information

Ivan John Manusu --- Lorna Franks

B - September 10 1910 Mendooran N.S.W. Australia

D - October 07 1943 Siam (Asia)

+ 1 known child

Merlene Manusu no further information

Madge Manusu --- Walter Lowdon no further information

Alfred Aristides Manusu (twin of George Manusu) --- Kathleen Lang

B - 1871, Eurobodalla, N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 1 known child

Calvert Manusu no further information

George Manusu {Infant} (twin of Alfred Aristides Manusu)

B - August 31 1871, Eurobodalla, N.S.W. Australia

D - September 01 1871, Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

Francis Homer Richard Manusu --- Betsy Bradley M – 1911, Bowraville N.S.W. Australia

B - January 22 1874, Broulee N.S.W. Australia

D - ?, Bellingen N.S.W. Australia

+ 5 known children

Homer Angus Manusu no further information

Alfred Pericles Manusu no further information

Percy Baldwin Manusu no further information

Guy Eric Manusu no further information

Frances Hermione Manusu --- John Bertram Paxton no further information

+ 5 children

Janine Alexis Paxton no further information

Homer John Paxton no further information

Leanne Beth Paxton no further information

Tracey Anne Paxton no further information

Stuart Lindsay Paxton no further information

Mary Louisa Manusu --- George Fuller M – 1920, Paddington, N.S.W. Australia. no further information

B - 1876, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia

D -

Ellen Maude Manusu --- John E. McLerie M – 1901, Gulgong N.S.W. Australia. No further information

B - 1879, Coonabarabran N.S.W. Australia

D -

Pericles Manusu no further information

B - ?, Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

D –

More interesting stuff...

Mikhail Stratos Manousous

Michael James Manusu

Was born June 23 1826, on the Island of Lesbos (Lesvos), Mytilene, Greece

At this time, Lesvos was still under the occupancy of Turkey

On the 23rd May 1862, Michael James Manusu was the 3rd Greek to be naturalized in N.S.W.

According to documentation, editorial, write ups, and hear say Michael James Manusu was our first Greek migrant family member to settle here in Australia.

One could only imagine that young Mikhail grow up on his birth Island of Lesvos, with no doubt that he would have gotten up to some kind of mischief every now and then with his friends, as every young boy does. There are no known records here in Australia of Mikhail having any brothers or sisters. Perhaps in the future there will be more information in regards to this side of things.

The year is 1988 here in Australia and we are celebrating the Bi-Centenary. A descendent of Mikhail (Now well and truly known as Michael James Manusu) placed on display, with honour, the family bible at the Sydney Power House Museum and a photo of Michael. On the 10th of March 1988, in the Sydney Greek newspaper, O KOSMOS. There was a full-page spread on the life of Michael James Manusu.

It reads as such…

The Australian Hellenic Historical Society was formed in 1984 by a group of dedicated people interested in recording and preserving the history of the Greeks in Australia. In its short existence, it has amassed a vast amount of material and relics, and is currently engaged in raising funds for the establishment of a MUSEUM and Resource Centre.

Contact can be made to the Secretary Mr Tas Psarakis on (02) 546- 2230, or by correspondence to 98 Stuart Street, Blakehurst, 2221. Sydney, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA.



IN OUR OTHER LANGUAGE * 10 March 1988 * page 15 * O KOSMOS *

In “Young World” today it gives me pleasure to publish a brief history of the early Greek immigrant, MICHAEL MANUSU, along with rare photographs, as supplied to us by the Secretary of the Australian Hellenic Historical Society, Tas Psarakis. As you read through the material, you will appreciate the extensive research that has been carried out by the diligent members of the AHHS.

June 1851, the discovery of gold, by Edward Hargraves Ophir, N.S.W.

Ushered in the incredible and legendary Australian gold rush and saw tens of thousands of adventurers from all over the world flock to the newly opened fields in search of the elusive ELDORADO. Many found payable gold and quite a few struck it rich, but the majority struggled to make a living. Of the huge number that came to Australia, there included an appreciable number of Greeks. We will never know the exact numbers. There is only a rough estimation due to the scanty records of the time. Approximately 200 Greeks lived in the colonies during the 1850’s, with a progressive increase in each subsequent decade. Of these adventurers, Most left for home after their search for gold but an appreciable number remained and became, Together with a handful prior to 1851, our first Greek settlers.


One of these gold miners was Michael Manousous, (Manusu), a native of the Island of Mytilene. Born 23rd of June 1826, apparently into a wealthy family, he appeared to have run foul of the local Turkish authorities, his mother fearing the worst for her son gave him an amount of money and told him to leave the Island. In 1849, Manusu arrived in California where he joined the thousands flooding into the Sacramento Valley looking for gold. He appeared to have stayed there for some 3 years but decided to leave because of some trouble with hostile Indians. In 1853, Manusu joined the crew of the General Veazie as a second mate and arrived in Sydney the same year.

He immediately joined the rush to the newly found gold fields on the south coast of NSW, centered on the town of Braidwood and Araluen.


He appeared to have been moderately successful in his search for gold and on April 3, 1854, he married Sarah Baldwin in the Anglican Church in Braidwood. Michael Manusu certainly was not the only Greek on the gold fields at the time. The Illawarra Mercury, a local newspaper, in 1861, reports of the Greeks being on the gold fields of the period. Generally despised, were The Chinese mainly because of jealousy at their efficient and diligent efforts in obtaining gold. The European miners to have the Chinese evicted from the fields subscribed many petitions. One such petition drawn up at the time appears to have four Greek signatures.


In June 1862, Manusu became the third Greek naturalized in NSW (after the two ex-convicts, Ghikas Voulgaris and Andonis Manolis) and the Sixth in Australia. By this time, he settled down on a farm of 320 acres he purchased at Eurobodalla, after working as a tenant farmer on the vast estate of the celebrated Thomas Sutcliffe Mort. Manusu prospered during this period. The first of his children, Sarah, Amelia, Christopher, Angelina, Pericles, Achilles, and Themistocles were all born on his farm. During this time, he became the owner of the Widgett Inn at Bodalla and conducted a business at nearby Nerringundah. In 1865, he was listed as the licensee of the “Grecian Inn” at Eurobodalla, arguably the first Greek in Australia to run such an establishment.

During the years, 1865 - 1897, the Southern districts of NSW were terrorized by the activities of the notorious Clarke Gang of bushrangers. In two years of banditry, this gang of out-laws, held up mail coaches, robbed farms and took over the townships of Michelago and Nerringundah. They were probably the most bloodthirsty, freebooters in Australia’s colonial history and some 7 men; including five police officers fell to their guns. It appears from records of the time that Manusu, knew the Clarke’s and their out-law cousins, the Connell’s, prior to them becoming bandits. It is on record that the gang even payed a “visit” to the Manusu homesteads in 1865. When the gang raided the town of Nerringundah, killing the police sergeant and looting the shops, the police formed a posse to go after the killers; it consisted of a sergeant Hitch and twelve volunteers, including the noted poet Charles Harper and Michael Manusu. When one on the gang, Thomas Connell, was captured by the police during a gun battle some time after the raid, Manusu was called as a witness at Darlinghurst in Sydney, where he made a statement,

Part of which is as follows:

“I live at Eurobodalla. From information received, I went to the Gulph on the evening of April 9. Armed, as were some of the others. We were after some bushrangers. At eight or 9 o’clock, we got into the bank of the Tuross River. Two of our party in front beckoned to me. I got off my horse and advanced in front into the bank of the river. I saw four man on horseback crossing the river towards me. They stopped their horses and looked about. I was about forty yards from them and I fired at them. At the time of the first shot, one let go a packhorse he was leading. At the second shot I fired, I saw the horse one of the men commenced bucking - the prisoner was one of the four men I saw in the river and was one of the first to turn away. One of the men went back and caught the loose packhorse - when Sgt Hitch fired at him and grazed his arm. I know Thomas Clarke, the out-law. He was leading the packhorse - Patrick Connell, the prisoner’s brother was also there and I do not know whom the fourth man was. They were not any of them, disguised… I have known the prisoner and his brother for several years.


Michael Manusu remained in the South until 1874, when after the disastrous floods of the early 1870’s, He decided to cut his losses and further inland. Packing his belongings in wagons, he and his children on horseback driving the cattle, they headed North-west taking nearly three months to reach their destination. He selected a fine property of several thousand acres, named Biambil Park, in the Mendooran district of Western NSW. He built a very beautiful homestead with a long driveway from the main road. He established a lovely garden with grape trellises, cherry and citrus trees. The property considered the family home and was to be the start of the family dynasty but as each child grew up, they seemed to drift off the property and into other fields.


Sarah and Michael lived in fine style. They had an elaborate carriage and driven by two police sons of the local police sergeant. Michael Manusu appears to have been an educated man. He was known to spoken four languages; Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and English. He was a very keen player of Chess and would often hitch up the carriage and drive to the main road to wait for the passenger coach, signalling the driver to stop. He would ask any of the passengers if they could play Chess. If any of them would accept a game. He would put them up for the night and drive them back to town the next morning to continue their journey.


Another regular Chess player and friend of Michael’s during the 1880’s was a Greek Chemist from nearby Coonabarabran. Although we have not established confirmation as to the Chemist’s identity, we suspect that his name may have been Prokopiadis.


Michael and Sarah had twelve children in all. When the Boer War broke out in South Africa in 1899, three of the Manusu’s sons, Alfred Aristides, Francis Homer and Achilles Strate, volunteered and served with the Australian cavalry units in the Transvaal and Orange River colonies. Francis served as a lieutenant and decorated for valour. He later served as a police officer in the town of Bellinger. Alfred Aristides served as a Lance Corporal with New South Wales Lancers, The elite forces of the armed forces at the time. A number of grandsons of Manusu served in the Great War, one killed in action.


After a long and eventful life, Michael Manusu retired to his town house in the pretty town of Mudgee, where he passed away in January, 1902. Michael is true pioneer. He was a forerunner for hundreds and thousands of Greek-Australians.


The descendants of Michael Manusu, still often get together to tell of great stories of our proud, distant, Greek heritage. In addition, one could still fine relatives in much respected positions in the community of today.

Also interesting is the history of the Garbutt, Conn, and Madgwick families from Gilgandra.

Most Gilgandrians will be acquainted wih these names:


? Name

James Garbutt --- Rachel Mills M - March 18 1880 Gulgong N.S.W. Australia {refer to Mills Family)

B - 1845 Tasmania Australia

D - January 26 1918 Gulgong N.S.W. Australia

+ 7 Children

Agnes Elizabeth Garbutt - George H Stuart M - 1899 Warren N.S.W. Australia

B – 1881 N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 7 Children

Leslie J. Stuart

B - 1900 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Martha Stuart - Harold J. Grimshaw M - 1926 Glebe N.S.W. Australia

B – 1901 Cassilis N.S.W. Australia

D -

Grace E. Stuart

B - 1903 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D - 1904 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

George H. Stuart - Lillian M. Cundry M - 1928 Balmain North N.S.W. Australia

B - 1905 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D -

Gordon C. Stuart - Mary A. Duggan M - 1926 Balmain South N.S.W. Australia

B - 1906 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Ethal M. Stuart - Francis H. Copper M - 1926 Balmain South N.S.W. Australia

B - 1906 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Arthur E. Stuart - Agnes Fowler M - 1937 Rozelle N.S.W. Australia

B - 1910 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Jim M. Stuart

B - 1912 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D - 1912 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

Enid Lillian Stuart - Lionel Norman Drummond M - 1943 Liverpool N.S.W. Australia

B - 1918 Marrickville N.S.W. Australia

D -

Eliza Ann Garbutt - William Henry Garbutt M - 1901 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

B - 1882

D - October 17 1967 Gilgandra, N.S.W. Australia

+ 6 Children

Alice May Garbutt

B – 1901 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D - February 09 1907 N.S.W. Australia

Victor Garbutt

B - 1904 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D - May 13 1905 N.S.W. Australia

Albert William Garbutt - Margaret May White M - 1934 Gilgandra. N.S.W. Australia

B - 1908

D - January 26 1951 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

+ 2 Children

Raymond Garbutt

B -

D -

Garry Garbutt - Pam, M - N.S.W. Australia

B -

D -

Leslie Joseph Garbutt

B - 1909 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

D - April 21 1972 Tooraweenah N.S.W. Australia

Gladys Ivy Garbutt - Sydney Gordon Manusu M - 1933 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia {Refer to Manusu Family}

B - January 10 1912 Gilgandra, N.S.W. Australia

D - June 09 1981 Gilgandra Late of Tooraweenah N.S.W. Australia

+ 6 Children {Refer to Manusu Braches}

Rachael Catherine Garbutt - Mathew M. Ballantyne M - 1934 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

B - 1913 Gilgandra Australia

D - N.S.W. Australia

+ 1 Child

John Ballantyne

B - 1945

D -

Edith J, Garbutt --- Edward P. Conn M - 1908 Warren N.S.W. Australia

B - 1885 N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 6 Children

Carmen E. Conn

B - 1908 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Edna I. Conn - William R. N. Bunce M – 1931 Balmain North N.S.W. Australia

B – 1911 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Francis J Conn - Phyllis L. M. Minshall M - 1936 Balmain N.S.W. Australia

B - 1913 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Nita E. Conn - Clive B. Arnold M - 1935 Petersham N.S.W. Australia

B - 1915 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Jean Irene Conn - Eric Robert Emanuel M - 1940 Rozelle N.S.W. Australia

B - 1917 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Albert Percy Conn - Florence Lovett M - 1942 Rozelle N.S.W. Australia

B - 1918 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Edith M. Conn - Elias J. Tolhurst M - 1929 Balmain North N.S.W. Australia

Ethel M. Garbutt - James R. Madgwick M - 1908 Dubbo N.S.W. Australia

B - 1887 N.S.W. Australia

D -

+ 5 Children

Lila C. Madgwick

B - 1909 Coonamble N.S.W. Australia

D -

Laurence J. Madgwick

B - 1911 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Sidney V. Madgwick

B - 1913 Sydney N.S.W. Australia

D - 1914 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

Athol H. Madgwick

B - 1914 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

D -

Jean I. Madgwick

B - 1917 Gilgandra N.S.W. Australia

Leslie Joseph Garbutt

B - 1889 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Isabella C. Garbutt

B – 1891 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Herbert William Garbutt - Edith F. Wood M - 1918 St. Peters Sydney N.S.W. Australia

B - 1892 N.S.W. Australia

D -

Edgar Vivien Garbutt

B - 1894? N.S.W. Australia

D -

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I stumbled on this by accident and it is wildly exciting as I have been researching Michael Manusu for 15 years. Francis Homer Manusu had another daughter Betsy Dylis Manusu, my grandmother - who married Lawrence Buchanan - another whole set of clans exist beyond the one printed here.