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Petros Kominos

Kithira Philharmonic Orchestra

At Kithira, before the institution of the philharmonic orchestra there was not an organised musical group like the rest of Eptanisa. Small, poor, and isolated from the rest of Eptanisa, Kithira did not accept the western cultural influence as it happened with Corfu and Zakithos for instance. On the contrary, thanks to its geographical position, the north part of Kithira accepted musical influence from Peloponnese and the south part of the island accepted musical influence from Crete. Influences, which are obvious, not only at the melody of Kithirian songs but also at the steps of the Kithirian dances. If someone examines carefully the songs of Kithira will distinguish some that are influenced neither from Peloponese nor from Crete. For example the melodically line and the steps of papadopanagiotisa or kombianiko, diplo, karavitiko and nifiatiko are purely kithirian.

The island was not only isolated but also its residents were separated to nobles and villagers; fact that did not help the growth of musical education. The kithirian nobles were living isolated from the nobles of the other islands and they were not interested in participating to their spiritual concerns .The villagers, on the other hand, were too poor; and the every day battle to secure their food was not letting them chances for musical and artistic concerns. Not mentioning that many of them were obliged to immigrate in order to survive.

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