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submitted by Effy Alexakis And Leonard Janiszewski on 29.05.2006

Macquarie staff launch international photo exhibition

19 Dec 2005

Macquarie staff will be coordinating an exhibition in the United States, following successful negotiations by the Centre for Flexible Learning’s Effy Alexakis and Modern History’s Leonard Janiszewski.

Effy and Leonard visited Chicago, Washington and New York last month to coordinate the exhibition, ‘Selling an American Dream: Australia’s Greek Café’, which is based on their paper ‘The Globe Trotting Greek Café: A Trojan Horse for the Americanisation of Australian Popular Culture.’

The trip proved highly successful, and Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum has agreed to host the exhibition for a six month period in 2007. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington has also expressed a keen interest.

The exhibition will be largely photographic, and aims to challenge Australia’s assumed historical relationship with the United State, Greece and Great Britain by showing the significance of the Greek Café in the development of Australian culture.

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