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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 24.03.2006

Megali Idea

Megali Idea
(The Great Idea)

“The Kingdom of Greece is not Greece. Greece constitutes only one part, the smallest and poorest. A Greek is not only a man who lives within this kingdom but also one who lives in Jannina, in Salonica, in Serres, in Adrianople, in Constantinople, in Smyrna, in Trebizond, in Crete, in Samos and in any land associated with Greek history or the Greek race ............

John Kolettis

Contained in a speech of 1844 made before the Constituent Assembly of Greece, of which he was one of its most militant advocates.

“Now, one hundred and sixty years later, time has little changed these credentials of being Greek. Australia having one of the largest populations of Greeks outside of Greece is an affirmation of “The Megali Idea.” Inverell NSW Australia is the first significant Modern Greek site in Australia having the main streets of Otho and Byron Streets - Otho from King Otho the first King of Modern Greece and Byron from Lord Byron one of the most prominent Philhellenes who were prominent in forging the modern Greek State.”

Peter Makarthis
Inverell NSW

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submitted by
Jim Comino
on 29.03.2006

Also Lord Byron was married to a Greek Lady Diamentina ? and the river of that name in Qld was named after her the Diamentina river.

submitted by
Jim Comino
on 29.03.2006

Thanks Peter for some real Greek History your input is appreciated Jim Comino 9 Lauder St. Inverel