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Sun and beach flag the future.

Sun and beach flag the future. - Bondi Beach Flag Kosmos pic

George C Poulos flies the flag at Bondi.

August 9

If Waverley mayor Paul Pearce has his way, there will be a new flag flying over Bondi Beach during the Sydney Olympics.
Mr Pearce said the flag — designed to depict the sun and the beach will be raised above Bondi’s golden sands as well as at Bronte and Tamarama beaches.
And, he said, Bondi may fly its own flag when it hosts the volleyball at the Olympics.

“I think it’s an attractive design,” Mr Pearce said. “It gives a sense of identity to the beaches.”

Flag designer George Poulos said it was the first flag in Australian history to truly represent the 80 per cent of people who live on the country’s coastal fringe.
“We have the greatest beach in the world and this flag is a way to show it,” Mr Poulos said. “Many Australians don’t realise how powerful the national identity has arisen from our beach culture.”

The rising sun on the flag is taken from Waverley Council’s coat of arms while a red line represented the blood shed by Australian patriots.

“Although we go to beach for relaxation and freedom, Australia’s identity was forged on another beach thousands of miles away on Galllpoli,” Mr Poulos said.
The use of red and yellow was deliberately chosen to represent the Australian life-saving movement. A white line represents waves building up as they approach the beach.

Mr Pearce hoped to fly the flag at today’s finish of the City to Surf race.

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