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Hugh Gilchrist

Who was the FIRST Kytherian immigrant to Australia?

I am not certain but Athanasios Kominos, from the village of Perleyianika near Potamos, landed in Sydney in 1873, probably as a seaman from New Zealand, when he was 29. He was the son of a farmer, Dimitrios Kominos and his wife Agapi, nee Menega. He had lived in Smyrna for some years. Worked in a colliery in Balmain in Sydney. Said to have opened a fish shop in Oxford Street in 1878 and later owned oyster leases in NSW.

John D. Kominos, at one time a labourer in Pireaus, arrived from Kythera in the Potosi in 1884. Also became an oyster farmer; his brother Nikolaus and Kosmas followed.

Vitoratos Panaretos arrived from Kythera in 1892 and became a shopkeeper in Sydney.
Pages 191 to 239 of Volume I of my Australians and Greeks would probably add the most relevant information.

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