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Terry Chlentzos

WW2 Vmail correspondence July 19, 1944

There was no real secret to the v-mail process; in fact it was simple, the soldiers wrote their letters on a form provided and it was then photographed onto microfilm which was simply flown to the USA. A reel of 16mm microfilm could contain 18,000 letters and in terms of bulk and weight the roll of film took up only a fraction of what 18,000 real letters would take. Upon arrival in the USA the letters were printed from the film and then posted onward to the addressee.

This was the last letter written by my uncle Philip Chlentzos. He would die in combat 8 days later, on July 27, 1944.

The text reads:

July 19, 1944

Dear Pete,

I received your letter of June 20 a few days ago and was glad to again hear from you. I'm still in excellent shape and hope to continue feeling this way.

I've been on this front for a long time now and have found htings pretty hot at times.
I haven't heard from Angelo for over a week and as strange as it seems it takes a long time for mail to travel from here to England.
Did you know that the date of your wedding anniversary is the same as Alpena's (my gal) birthday anniversary? Strange?
It's most always cloudy here. It doesn't get very cold during the nights though, and that's to good advantage knowing sleeping underground is bad enough.
How is Helen? Oh, I forgot! Congratulations to you and Helen on your 3rd wedding anniversary. It's a bit late, but you know how things are nowadays-- always late.
Well, Pete, gotta end now. Thanks for the swell long letters & keep it up. Write soon.
Your brother, Philip

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