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submitted by Clarence River Historical Society on 08.06.2006

Grafton's Jacaranda Festival.

Grafton's Jacaranda Festival.
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Jacaranda Avenue Grafton

Grafton, NSW, Australia

From the early 1900's to date there has always been a powerful Kytherian presence in the town of Grafton, NSW.

No less than 7 cafes were owned by Kytherians in Grafton in the post WWII era.

Their busiest time of the year was always the time of the

Jacaranda Festival

The world-renowned Jacaranda Festival is Australia's oldest family floral festival. It is held yearly in Grafton, Northern Rivers New South Wales, from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November.

In 2006 the festival officially starts on Friday, October 27th and concludes on Sunday, 5th November.

It is based upon the magnificent spectacle of the hundreds of lilac-blossomed trees which grow in Grafton's broad tree lined avenues.

It expresses the people's thanksgiving for the generosity with which nature blesses this part of the globe.

The Jacaranda

The Jacaranda (sp Jacaranda Mimosifolia), is of South American origin, principally Brazil. It grows well in sub-tropical regions and may attain a height of twenty metres.

On 2nd July 1879, Mr H. A. Volkers, a Grafton seed merchant, was contracted to plant trees for the Grafton Council. During the 1880's he was instrumental in supplying and planting hundreds of Jacaranda trees in the streets of Grafton.

Jacaranda trees now have flowers in maroon and white as well as the popular blue-mauve. Life expectation may be up to 200 years if in private care and the timber is a creamy to rich yellow pinkish colour and may be used for ornamental woodwork.

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