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Dean Coroneos

Kerry Walsh. Novelist.

Author of Chirigo. A Novel.

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Kerry Walsh. Biography. 1976

Kerry Walsh wrote her novel Cirigo in 1976. It is set against the exciting backgrounds of 1970's Sydney and ageless Greece. It is an explosive exploration of the mechanics of human corruption. Absorbing and vastly entertaining.

Kerry Walsh was born in the inland Australian city of Mildura in 1944. Now a well-known Australian journalist, she has also worked as a teacher, waitress, typist, pub folk singer and unsuccessful process server. Her education took place at ‘too many schools.’

She has close friends within the Australian Greek community and with her journalist husband has lived and travelled extensively in Greece. She still regards a small village on the remote Ionian island of Kythera as her second home.

Kerry Walsh lives and writes in an outer suburb of Melbourne where she also cares for her two, small sons and two, older step-sons.

Book outline. From the dust-cover.

What was the timeless secret of Cirigo? Who was Zakiris, and did his madness conceal a frightening perception for the present, projected like a ghost echo from the glory of Greece’s Golden Age? Sean Flannagan—was he tool or fool— destined to lose himself and all around him? Marcia. She gambled love for the fame she longed for and lost. Helen, who found victory only in defeat. Paul Fourides, torn in the torment of two cultures and destined to live a lie to hold his beautiful Eiro whom he could mould but never control. And finally, Stendahl, the disciple of his own destruction. Towering above all of them was the catalyst of their conflicts. Cirigo.

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