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submitted by Dean Coroneos on 11.05.2006

Vaucluse Ocean Foods

Vaucluse Ocean Foods
Copyright (2006)

Owned by the Kastrissios family from Livathi.

669 Old South Head Road
Vaucluse 2030
[cnr, Oceanview Avenue]

02 9337 3082

There has always been a strong Kytherian presence in the small "village-style" shopping centre at Rose Bay North.

Rose Bay North is the intersection point of the suburbs of Vaucluse, Dover Heights, and Rose Bay.

Peter Kosmas Sourry i Kotsifos and his brother-in law, Alexander Andrew Coroneo i Psomas ("Alec") operated the Kings Theatre there, from 1946-1958.

Kings Theatre, North Rose Bay, mid-1950's, with its Kytherian owners

Peter Cassimaty operated a pharmacy there for decades.

Peter Cassimaty

The Feros sisters, Tina and Toula have operated a hair dressing salon there for many years.

Hairbiz, Rose Bay North

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