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submitted by James Prineas on 30.05.2003

Map from 1585

Map from 1585
Copyright (1585)

Map of the island of Cerigo, the southernmost Ionian Island, Cythera (Greek:Kythera).  Copper plate engraved map on a page from atlas of Tomaso Porcacchi, "Isole del Mondo" published in Padua c1585.  Relevant text in Italian below the image.  10x13.7cm (4x5 3/8").  Atlas page measures 33x21cm (11 7/8x 8 1/4").

Note the exaggerated ports - it must have led more than a few pirates to think there were abundant save harbours on the island..

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submitted by
Michael Andronicos
on 04.12.2003

was there pirates sailing the oceans that surround kythera in ancient times or only in the last few hundred years>?