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submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 14.11.2012

A recent email from Ted (Theodore) Panaretos, USA 5-11-12

Quiet day looking over some old Emails. My name is Theodore Panaretos, son of Minas Panaretos. My Grandfather, Theodore had children, Panagiotis, Alexandros, Minas, Aspacia, Maria, and Eleni. Granmother Anthe had lost a child upon leaving Smyrna during the Catastophe.
I recall at the age of 12 or 14 being with my Grandfather at his death. I was born in 1928. I recall that they had put vedouses on his back to try and help him. Did not work --he passed. I had looked at the chart and found a Theodore - left of center of the page. I do not think that Theodore was my grandfather since - if I recall his death at the age of 12, would have made him 140 years old. Have you done anymore with the chart. (ref to Telemachos Combis Panaretos family tree chart)
Off the subject, do you have knowledge of a professor of archeology George Mylonas, who sat on the academy In Greece. I was in Greec e shortly after his death. He's a good friend of my father as well as Aristotle Onasis. My father and Mr. Onasis met on the island of Rhodes. Mr. Onasis wanted my father to send me to Greece to meet someone. I did not go. I have often wondered what happened to Mr. Mylonas. I had called his widow, she was very upset about something. I could not get out of her what it was. Would you know anything about that? I have really enjoyed your work on the family tree. Thank you and hope you have time to do further work.
You have no idea how much I miss my father. I only wish we could have gone to Greece together. Problem was one of had tot take care of the family business. After his death I bought my mother and brother out of the restaurant, ran it alone for 10 years. In 1970, I tired of 14 hours a day, leased the place out and returned to Law School. I am now 84 years old. I have one case going in the United States Supreme Court. Mother remarried sometime after dad died. Never liked him. Mother died in 1968 I think.
My father used to call me 'professor"--he would have really enjoyed my practice of Law. I have written a book about a murder trial I conducted in 1980. There was some talk about making a movie of the book; however I haver not heard anything about it since it was mentioned. contact for Ted:

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