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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 28.09.2013

Alexander Spyridon Phacheas (Fatseas)

Alexander Spyridon Fatseas (ΦΑΤΣΕΑΣ)
‘and thereby hangs a tale’ or two.
(apologies to William Shakespeare and Jeffrey Archer)

Born Fatsadika Kythera, Greece, 5 May 1888.
Alexander Phacheas (ΦΑΤΣΕΑΣ) arrived at Fremantle Western Australia as ‘Phacheas,’ together with uncles, John (Ioannes), George and Peter (Panayiotis) aboard NDL Fredrich der Grosse, 27 December, 1901.

John Phacheas was accompanied by his wife, Marie (nee Pasquale) and their son known as Jack. During the voyage from Port Said, Marie was in ill health and the extended family disembarked at Fremantle. Their original intent was to carry on to Sydney. John found work as a cabinet maker and settled in Leederville an inner suburb of Perth. After about six months, George and Peter, together with their nephew Alexander, sailed on to Sydney leaving John and his family in Perth.

All documentation, including naturalization, by this family and their descendants used the ‘Phacheas’ spelling of the surname in English.

Alexander was in the care of his Uncle Peter as they moved around country NSW and southern Queensland. Alexander is known to have attended school at Goulburn (1902) and West Maitland (1905) where his Uncle Peter was in business. They later moved on to Bundarra (1906) NSW and Gatton (1910) in Queensland.

Alexander was a keen sportsman, a competent boxer and is also noted playing Rugby Union football at South Goulburn Public School Aug 1904.

Alexander was granted Australian citizenship at Gatton Queensland, in 1911 as he returned to Smyrna (now Izmir) and moved to Athens 1912 and did not return to Australia.
1912 – 1923

Alexander married Erasmia c 1920 in Athens

Alexander Fatseas was employed as a draftsman by Standard Oil Company of New York, and acting Construction Superintendent for the construction of their petroleum plants installations in Turkey and Greece.

1927 Living in Athens –see photo with Erasmia and four children- Anastasia, Spyro, Costa and George.
Afterwards he worked partly for two large building firms in Greece and partly for the Greek Government. Immediately after the occupation of Greece he worked with the British Royal Engineers and in continuation one of the first Greeks employed by the American firm Atkinson-Drake-Park in Greece. A year later he was engaged by U.S.E.D. Corp of Engineers of the Grecian District.
When the Marshall Plan (1947) took place, Alexander was transferred to Public Roads Administration of the E. C. A., as assistant to the American Advisor where he held this position until at least 1953

C1953-Living at 23 Filopappou Street, Koukaki, Athens
Date of death and place of burial unknown – presume Athens – perhaps you can help?

NDL – German shipping line Nord Deutcher Lloyd, Bremen, Germany
Fremantle Western Australia – first point of entry for most shipping arrivals from European ports from 1899.

This tale has been long in research from 26 June 2003 when I posted the photograph taken of Alexander Phacheas/Fatseas on the Kythera-Family the hope that we could find this member of the Phacheas family who returned to Greece 1911 with little knowledge of his life since leaving Australia in 1911. The photograph was sent to his uncles George and Peter Phacheas in 1927 and post marked Athens.

The story has lain dormant until 18 Aug 2013 when this email arrived:-
“Subject: Alex Fatsea(grandfather)
Hi Peter

I am so thrilled to have recently discovered the photo of my family on the Kythera Family website which I understand you provided.

I knew immediately it was my grandfather as I have a very similar photo taken a couple of years later.

My hope is that I may be able to obtain more information about my family eg. exactly where they came from and their history.

Your friend James has given me your email address as you may be able to help - which I would really appreciate.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.
Best regards

Jeanette Joynson”

An exchange of emails soon determined the connection between my wife Deanna and her second cousin once removed Jeanette Joynson living in Bocking, Essex, England UK.

Between Jeanette and myself I have pieced this remarkable story together –so far.

We are indebted to James Prineas and Kythera – Family Net as without that catalyst this story may never have been told or two cousins connected.

Peter McCarthy (Makarthis)
Inverell NSW
28 September 2013

Peter Phacheas and his nephew Alexander were oyster saloon proprietors at Goulburn, West Maitland and Bundarra NSW. I also feel I had to open a few oysters to get this tale together.

William and Jeffrey, eat your hearts out!

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submitted by
John Phaceas
on 22.08.2020

This is such great information. John Phacheas and Marie Pasquale were my great grandparents. The house John built by hand in Richmond St Leederville around the turn of the century, in which my grandparents and father lived until Dad got married in the 50s, still stands today. Unfortunately no longer in the family. John Phaceas, Perth WA,