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submitted by Alfred Vincent on 22.08.2006

George Mormoris (1720-1790).

George Mormoris, a Kytherian, a doctor, and writer, produced a Greek translation, or more correctly, an adaptation, of a famous Italian play, Tasso's "Aminta". He published it in 1745.

The play's significance is that it helps to fill in the historical gap between the Cretan-Heptanesian theatre production of the 17th century and the Heptanesian writers of the later 18th and 19th century.

Extremely rare and more or less forgotten for 200 years, it was made known to the scholarly public by Spyros Evangelatos. It has also been studied by his student Panagiotis Michalopoulos.

Evangelatos' original article, was published in the p
periodical "Ellinika", tom. 22, Thessaloniki 1969. Evangelatos has published new biographical information in volume 5 of "Paravasis", the journal of the School of Theatre Studies at Athens

Evangelatos' intention was to publish Mormoris' adaptation of Tasso's play. I don't think this edition has appeared so far.

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