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John Sourrys

Greek and Kytherian fighting folklore

Did you ever hear of a Peter Potiri from Kythera? Here is a bit of folk lore. A Ron Cann from Hughenden had a rep as a fighter and he offered (to fight) Peter outside at the Grand Hotel. Everybody felt sorry for the poor Greek. They reckoned he was on a hiding to nothing. Peter however could fight. He was very quick with both his fists and his footwork. He gave Ron Cann a beating. The shearers used to treat Peter warily after that.

My father told the story of a Greek who came out to fight the great Les Darcy. He fought under an anglicised name. My father said he really roughed Darcy up but Darcy got the decision.

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Barbara Zantiotis
on 02.04.2013

My dad, Stephen Zantiotis, told me the story of his dad, Peter Steve Zantiotis, sparring with Les Darcy about 1915 in Weston. Apparently an exhibition match was organised however the boxer failed to show. So as not to disappoint the crowd, my grandfather, who was about 17 years old at the time and an amateur boxer, agreed to a bout with Les Darcy. Apparently my grandfather faired quite well but who knows!