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submitted by Kytherian Christenings on 07.03.2015

Greek Christening in Wellington, NSW

The first Greek christening in Wellington took place last night, at the home of the child's parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Loupas, of the Kosciusko Cafe. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend Metrafanes, of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The little girl was christened Poppie, and Mr Emanuel Cassidy acted a Godfather to the child. The ceremony was a most interesting one, and attracted much interest amongst the Greek fraternity in the west; about 45 of whom attended, representatives being present from Wellington, Narromine, Dubbo, Geurie, and other centres.

After the christening ceremony a sumptuous dinner was partaken of, after which the company passed the time away until the early hours of the morning in dancing, and other pastimes.

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submitted by
John Condoleon
on 28.08.2017

Hi, This christening was held about the year 1936 and the family who I knew well are not Kytherian, but were from Lezvos Greece.