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submitted by Anna Cominos on 01.09.2016

RETURN TO THE VILLAGE- A Funny Story of Otherness

RETURN TO THE VILLAGE- A Funny Story of Otherness
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Where are we going? Where have we been?

The eternal existential questions are limitless. Comic sit-down storyteller, Anna Cominos

tackles these eternal questions and more in her new one-woman show RETURN TO THE VILLAGE,

from 27-30 September, at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.


At the seminal point of the emergence of the cyber-world, Anna walked away from the modern-world and went to live in her ancestral village

turning her back on the modern world and travelling to her parents’ homeland to discover her ancestral roots.

Her eccentric RETURN TO THE VILLAGE is born.


Often hilarious and at other times tragic, RETURN TO THE VILLAGE is never lacking in the drama department. Anna’s exploits during her numerous stays in her ancestral island of Kythera, Greece are brought to life in a show that promises to have you rolling in the aisles, tears flowing down you cheeks.


RETURN TO THE VILLAGE, is a lot more than a girl’s journey to the birthplace of her ancestors, it is a spiritual awakening. Using humour, multi-media and song, Anna takes us on journey through the cobbled streets of memory and history, a point that a lot of Australians are well aware of. (Fact: 27.7% of the estimated resident population were born overseas, that is more than 6.4  million people).


Otherness is present in all of us….it’s all one story. Sit-down as storyteller Anna opens her bi-cultural mind and the zany adventures begin.



9.30pm Tues 27-Fri 30 Sept

Factory Theatre

105 Victoria St, Marrickville

Bookings: 90206966    

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