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submitted by Sydney University on 10.05.2012

Sydney Medical School Inaugural Alumni Award 2012 to Dr Archie Kalokerinos

Dr Achivides Kalokerinos has been awarded the Sydney Medical School Alumni Award for Community Achievement 2012.

The award will take place on the 24 May 2012, at a small reception in the Edward Ford Building beginning at 6pm – 8pm in the Burkitt Ford Lounge.

The family of Archie Kalokerinos will accept the award on his behalf.


Each year the University of Sydney present awards to their alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to community service; those who are resident overseas and have enriched the international society; those who have made an exceptional professional contribution in their professional field; and to a young alumnus for an outstanding achievement.

The University of Sydney Alumni Awards recognise the following categories:

Alumni Award for Community Achievement
Recognises the personal contributions that alumni have made to the enrichment of Australian Society through their community service.

Alumni Award for International Achievement
Recognises the personal contributions that alumni who reside overseas have made to the enrichment of international society through their community or professional service.

Alumni Award for Professional Achievement
Recognises outstanding achievements of alumni in their professional field.

Young Alumni Award for Achievement
Recognises outstanding achievements made by alumni aged 30 and younger to the University, local, Australian or international communities.

Graduates and postgraduates have made the most extraordinary contributions to the University, to their local communities and on the international stage. The Medical Alumni Association would like to acknowledge these remarkable achievements by introducing Sydney Medical School awards in these categories. The medical alumni awards will complement those awards already established by the University. All medical alumni award recipients will be entered into the nomination process for the University of Sydney Alumni Awards.

Who is eligible for nomination?
Graduates and Postgraduates of the Sydney Medical School

Who can nominate?
• Alumni of Sydney Medical School
• An academic staff member of the University of Sydney
Which awards will be presented?
Awards will be presented in those categories recognised by the University of Sydney Alumni Awards

What are the criteria for selection?
The following criteria will be taken into consideration by the selection committee:
• The impact of the contribution on the community at large
• The challenge of the work done
• The leadership roles undertaken by the nominee
• The commitment by the nominee to serving the community, to teaching, to research
What information is required to accompany a nomination?
• A brief (less than 500 words) outline of the contributions and achievements which makes the nominee worthy of an award, with specific reference to the category of the nomination
• Curriculum vitae (2 page limit)
• List of community service contributions
• List of activities of the nominee beyond their area of medical practice
• Documentary evidence of the nominee’s achievements
• The names of 2 referees who would be willing to consult with the panel members
Aside from the announcement of award winners all information will remain confidential.

Who is on the selection committee?
The selection committee will comprise of the Dean (or representative); the Chairman of the Medical Alumni Association (or representative); one further member of the Medical Alumni Association; coordinated by the Sydney Medical School Alumni office.

When are the awards presented?
The awards will be presented at the annual Sydney Medical School Dinner held in the first quarter of the academic year.

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