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submitted by Derrick Venardos on 16.09.2021

Looking fory family orgin

Hey guys last name of Venardos here for the states. I know that my great *1 grandfather and his brother, John and Peter venardos came to my in 1910. But that's where my search ends, the us doesn't keep records past Ellis island. Looking for family, stories pictures. My great aunt's were named Elizabeth and Diamonta (dia) venardos they visited the venardos hotel there, before their deaths. Those that own the hotel are 2nd or 3rd cousins. Im not even sure what village my family is from. I would love ...

27819:People > Life Stories

submitted by Helen Samios on 19.08.2021

Byron Samios - incorrect date of birth

Please amend the record I posted for my father Byron Samios and my mother Noela Samios (nee Holding).

Byron's date of birth is 2 December 1939 and his date of death is 19 August 1981 (Laidley, Queensland). Noela's  date of birth 12 December 1941 and her date of death is 8 June 2001. Dad had 2 older brothers of Brisbane, Queensland, now both deceased: 

Peter Samios (Brisbane, survived by wife Lola & 3 children) &

Milton (Brisbane, ...

27169:People > Life Stories

submitted by Joshua Kepreotis on 26.01.2021

Joanne (Megaloikonomo) Petropoulos

Interviewed by Joshua Kepreotis


After being fed spanakopita and tiropitakia, dipping Karavas’ famous paximathia into Greek coffee and then having a shot glass of tsipouro, we started Joanne’s interview from her house overlooking Peloponnisos. A warmer welcoming and kinder smile I could not have imagined.


JK: Tell me about yourself.

Joanne Petropoulos: Well, I’m a young chook, I was born in 1945. I went to primary ...

27149:People > Life Stories

submitted by George Comninos on 20.01.2021

Nostalgic artworks

Hi fellow Kytherians,

I am a Kytherian (1/2 Dutch) who has never been to Greece but strongly feels the pull of a Kytherian adventure as I pass the half century!

I did a series of prints of my Great Grandparents Maria and George Comninos (KOMNINOS). These were based on a lovely hand coloured photo and the recollections of my now dear and departed father, from when he was a young man. I have transformed these images into "things" which you might like to look at! ...

26909:People > Life Stories

submitted by Joshua Kepreotis on 20.10.2020

Manolis Cassimatis

Interviewed by Joshua Kepreotis


Sitting in his office in Livadi, wearing his signature suit and tie, Manolis Cassimatis – affectionately known as ‘Lakis’ – is the former Prefect of Kythira. He has a Gough Whitlam poster hanging on the wall opposite his desk and an Australian flag outside his building. Lakis sits forward and recounts his life of politics, one centred on human connection and a values first approach. Amongst this I discovered ...

26850:People > Life Stories

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 02.10.2020

Brettos Kipriotis

Interviewed by Joshua Kepreotis (JK)


JK: We will start with your name and where you were born.

Brettos Kipriotis: Yes, I was born, I didn’t spring from the ground. 

(Reader, a quick taste of Brettos’ infectious humour.)

Brettos: There exists an old saying in Greece, ‘Where did that person spring ...

26668:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lori Gavrilis on 20.08.2020

Looking for information on my Grandparents, Theodore Demitrios Gavrilys January 25, 1893, and Mary Gus Gavrilys (Coukoulis) September 15, 1900, both from Kythera, Greece

Papo's parents were Demetrios Yiannis Gavrilis "Bouikiouros" and Politimi Gavrilis (Hristianos). 

His siblings were John, Nicolas, and I also believe Panayiotis, Andonis, and Zaharias were brothers. 

We have photos of the home Papo grew up in.  The family estate I hoope to visit in a few years.


YiaYia's parents were Constantinos (Gus) Coukoulis and Kiriacoula Coukolis (Logothetis). 

Her siblings were ...

26487:People > Life Stories

submitted by Susan Johnson on 03.06.2020

Seeking Mr Panagiotis Tzortzopoulos, last known living in Queensland, 2000

Hello there,


I am an author with a book contract to the Australian publisher Allen and Unwin. I've been commissioned to write a memoir about my experience of Kythera, starting 40 years ago as a young woman. Last year, 2019, I came to live on the island with my 85-year-old mother, Barbara. See here


As ...

26220:People > Life Stories

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 25.02.2020

Kritharis and Frantzeskakis 1914

Kritharis and Frantzeskakis

 A story set in Sandstone

Places – Karavas, Kythera and Q Station, North Head Sydney.

Time – 1914

Ship – RMS Orsova

Dramatis Personae – Konstantine Kritharis (1878 -1953)

Theodore Frantzeskakis (1898 -1941)


Two men from the village of Karavas on the island of Kythera carved their names on a sandstone platform above the Quarantine Station at North ...

26108:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lillian Bradley on 09.01.2020

Hello Everyone happy new year!

Hi everyone, I saw comments from people who had already got their loan from Anderson Loan Finance. Honestly, I thought it was a scam, and then I decided to make a request based on their recommendations. A few days ago, I confirmed in my personal bank account amounting to 9,000 euros, which I asked for business. This is really good news and I am so happy that I advise all those who need a real loan and who are sure to reimburse to apply through their email (text or call) +1 315-329-6320 There are ...

25550:People > Life Stories

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 26.04.2019

Andreas Kalokairinos

These are some memories of Andreas Kalokairinos' life on Kythera before he moved to Australia. He was kind enough to tell them to me a few years ago for my book The Kytherians. Andreas died in April of 2019 on Kythera. He will be missed!

James Prineas




There’s one thing I’m proud of about myself: I’ve got a very good memory. With more recent things I’m not ...

25251:People > Life Stories

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 21.08.2018

The Man who Found Luck in the Lucky Country - 1974

Man who found luck in the Lucky Country

(Transcribed from Australian Women’s Weekly, 30 Jan 1974)

Andrew V. Fatseas tells his story.


This story for Australia Day (1974) – the day marking European settlement in this country – tells what happened to a Greek migrant who arrived in 1924, 136 years after the first settler stepped ashore at Sydney ….. a ...

25250:People > Life Stories

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 26.02.2019

Anargyros Vretos Fatseas 1907 - 1998

‘Andrew’ Anargyros Vretos Fatseas


Andrew Victor Fatseas (Andy)

 1907 – 1998

“Whether in bliss or in distress, I never forget the land of my birth. After all, it was mother Greece who instilled into me those moral virtues, without which I would not have appreciated as fully as I do now what Australia has given to me.”

‘Andrew’ Fatseas, Australia Day 1974

Anargyros ...

25189:People > Life Stories

submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 31.05.2018

Franklin students pay tribute to their Dedicated Friend - Peter David Clentzos

Reprinted from the 1974 Franklin High School Yearbook

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States



Franklin students pay tribute to their Dedicated Friend


 Go to any school, and there are bound to be teachers, administrators, janitors, even secretaries that have been there for years and years and have become legends in their own time. At Franklin, Pete Clentzos has become such a ...

24026:People > Life Stories

submitted by vasiliki Theocharopoulou on 03.11.2017





My grandfather, John Panaretos, returned from Australia in 1906. He married my grandmother, Eleni Katsouli, who died a year later, 17 days after the birth of my father, Dimitris. The orphan child was then breastfed by Irini Prineas. When my father was three years old, my grandfather remarried and had four children with his second wife. My father had a difficult childhood, always having to do ...

23880:People > Life Stories

submitted by vasiliki Theocharopoulou on 17.05.2017






I was born at home, in the village of Potamos, in March 1933, though my birth was registered one year later.My mother suffered from postnatal fever-it was very common back then-and so shetravelled to Piraeus to be treated in the hospital. It took some time for her to come back and register the newborn baby, so 1934 is the official year of birth on my certificate. ...

23684:People > Life Stories

submitted by vasiliki Theocharopoulou on 01.03.2017

Stathoula Souri



My name is Stathoula Souri. I was born on the 20th of August 1929 in Gerakari village. Gerakari is where I got married, Gerakari is where I raised my children. Not at the same house. I was born, raised and married at my father’s house and later on we made our own home, also in Gerakari.


I only went to Primary school. After this I didn’t continue, because the war came. My father had planned for ...

23445:People > Life Stories

submitted by Anna Cominos on 01.09.2016

RETURN TO THE VILLAGE- A Funny Story of Otherness




Where are we going? Where have we been?

The eternal existential questions are limitless. Comic sit-down storyteller, Anna Cominos

tackles these eternal questions and more in her new one-woman show RETURN TO THE VILLAGE,

from 27-30 September, at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre as part ...

23336:People > Life Stories

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 16.02.2016

Building cultural identity through reading

The Weekend Neos Kosmos, (Melbourne)

Saturday 13th February 2016, Page 16

Author Melina Mallos has a winning formula for bringing children in touch with their cultural heritage that Cat while on holiday to her parents' birthplace


[[picture:"Weekend Neos Kosmos Sat 13th Feb 2016.jpg" ID:23337]]

One can't think of the beautiful cobbled streets of the Greek islands without the meow of a cat springing ...

23226:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 03.11.2015

Lefkada’s Hearn: Europe reclaims its literary ‘lost son’


OCT 10, 2015

[[picture:"An age before Japan Hearn lived with his Irish great-aunt during the 1850's.jpg" ID:23227]]

Photograph:An age before Japan. Hearn lived with his Irish great-aunt during the 1850's

The Greek island of Lefkada, rising from the Ionian Sea south of Corfu, is famed for its white beaches and vertical cliffs from which the poet Sappho is said to have leaped ...