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Alexandra Malanos

Adzatos - Cassimatis Family

To distinguish between the many families with the surname "Cassimatis", nicknames were very common. Adzatos was the name given to my great-grandfather who lived in the village of Potamos. I have been told that it means "thick/large/strong thighs". In Potamos, there is a building on a corner which is the tallest building on your right-hand side as you leave the village heading for Agia Pelegia. This corner was known as the "Adzatos Corner" for many, many years. This is because it was owned by my great-grandfather, Theodore Cassimatis (Adzatos)! This is also the corner where my grandfather, before migrating to Australia, made and sold lemonade. He was also a butcher and had a butcher shop in another building that he owned further up the road in the main section of Potamos.

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