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submitted by George Poulos on 08.05.2004

"Angelstavo" - Zantiotis - Ayia Anastasia.

The parents of former in/famous Double Bay (Sydney, Australia) optometrist - Steve Zantiotis were Andoni and Erophili.

Andoni's parachoukli was "Angelstavo" - "Angel-steve" - and Erophili was a "Belo" Coroneo from Potamos - a name which has already been cited in the "Nicknames" section.

Steve is uncertain [Steve uncertain about anything....who would believe it?] - as to how this parachoukli arose.

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submitted by
Barbara Zantiotis
on 15.09.2008

According to my father, Stephen Zantiotis, Steve's first cousin, the parachoukli is "Angelostavro". He too does not know how it came about.