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submitted by George Poulos on 16.05.2004

"Arapianous" - Coroneos's from Prongi.

Paul Coroneos's submission, from the Guest Book.

Paul Coroneos - Garland, Texas

Family village of origin: Prongi

My father Panagiotis left Kythera, so many years ago and was never forunate to return. I however have visited, and will do so again, and more often.

Our family is of the "Arapianous". we go back to a Ioannis and Nikos Koronaios who were reputed to have arrived from Koroni on an Arab slave ship. Their father must have been named Minas but no last name survived. Thus the "Arapo-Koronaious" paratsoukli.

We still have relatives in and around Prongi. Nikos Koronaios left an settled in Molaous where that branch of the family prospered and some eventually immigrated to Chicago, Illinois.

Years later my Grandfather, Polychronis asked the Molaous branch of the family to help send his oldest son, Panagiotis, to America. They agreed and my Father went to Chicago as a member of that family.

This entry is of interest to me because my mother Evanagalia, (Angela, Angie) is a Coroneos from Karavas.

I can recall her telling me stories about the "Arapianous" soi throughout my life.

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submitted by
Paul Coroneos
on 23.07.2004

For George Poulos, Sorry to be so slow getting back to you. But I just came across you note about your relative from Karava being familiar with the Arapianous. My Email is: [email protected]. Give me some information on where you are located and where your mother is. Is she still alive? I'll go through our geneaology,very incomplete, to see if I can find a relationship.