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George Poulos

"Georgakas" - Tzortzopoulos - USA.

At least two Tzortzopoulos families from went to the USA; settling in Baltimore.

The parachoukli of one family was "Georgakas".

I believe it was this Tzortzopoulos who provided for funds for the water pipes to be laid in Karavas, who went by the parachoukli "Georgakas".

Touy Houzouris (nee) George informs me that:

"Papou George went to Greece in 1954 with my cousin Tom George and made preliminary arrangements for the water project. The next year, in the summer of 1955, he took his daughter-Georgia George Conomos, daughter-in-law-Crossie George, and 4 grandchildren- Vera “Touy” and Diane Conomos, Tom and Denise George, to Greece for the summer. During that time the balance of the plans were made. We think that the project was completed in 1957. When we were in Karavas in 1996, a picture of Papou was still hanging, in the “city hall” in Karavas, acknowledging the contribution by Papou. We think there may also be a plaque at the faucet, near a tree, in the “platia” in the town.

I am 99% sure of these details. I was there in 1955 and everyone in my family have seen the faucet and the picture many times".

Harris George, author of By George, confirms that:

"...water was supplied to Karava by my uncle Thomas George (Tzortzopoulos, nickname: Georgakas). I verified this through Bebe George, daughter of Minas Charles George (also a Georgakas), brother to Thomas George.

My uncle Tom George was Touy's grandfather..."

James Gavriles, Detroit, Michegan, USA, informs me that another Tzortzopoulos family was that of
"..Emmanuel Tzortopoulos, who had 3 sons and one daughter. They went by the name of Georgeson. The 3 sons all became Doctors of Osteopathy. The daughter married a Kytherian from Baltimore whose last name was George. The sons names were Minas, Peter and Byron. The daughter's name is Gloria. The Mother was a sister to the Galacatos brothers who lived in Detroit.

The other family also went by the last name of Georgeson. They were related to the other family, Emmanuel and Theodore were Brothers. This was Theodore Georgopoulos . They had one son, Minas."

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Ellena Galtos
on 06.12.2004

I have posted a photo of the Detroit based Tzortzopoulos/ Georgiopoulos/ Georgeson family referred to here elsewhere on this website. It is called 'Emanuel Georgiopoulos, wife Panagiota Galakatou Georgiopoulo & others'. I'm pretty sure the 'others' are the children of Emmanuel & Panagiota. From Jim Gavriles (who George Poulos refers to here) I understand that Emmanuel Georgiopoulos owned a 'candy shop' in Detroit USA and was a friend of Jim's father Nikolas Gavriles. I have included this family in the Galakatos family tree, which is also posted on this site. Emmanuel Georgiopoulos married Panagiota Galakatou (died 1978 in Detroit) from Christoforianika, daughter of Panagiotis Galakatos (born 1844) & the niece of my great grandfather Kosmas Galakatos (born about 1857; died 1942). The Galakatos brothers referred to above were Nikolas & Polychronis Galakatos, later known as Nick & Paul Peterson. Ellena Galtos