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George Poulos

"Katsavias" - George Proto(Psaltis) - originally from Bingara.

George (Proto)Psaltis

Born in Friligianika, Kythera.(c1900 - c1970s).

Parachoukli - Katsavias

He built a number of buildings in Bingara. The impact of building the Roxy Theatre on the town of Bingara has been chronciled by Kevin Cork in his Ph.D Thesis. [Search internally, under Cork, or Bingara.]

In 1938 he moved to Sydney.
He opened a restaurant at Kings X called the Q Cafe - Q for "quickness", and "quality" and a number of other "q" words.
Later he opened a Milk Bar in Newtown.

Eventually he went to Adelaide, where he died, a fairly poor man.
He never married - which might explain why his life history has been so difficult to uncover.

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Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 14.05.2018

The parachuklie of my great grandmother Efrosini Venardos (1843-1935 Agia Triada), daughter of Manoli Nickolos Venardos b. 1817 and Maria Mavrogiorgi, was also Katsavias.