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George Poulos

"Kourvoulis" - Tzortzopoulos - USA.

Another of the Tzortzopoulos families who emigrated to the USA had the "parachoukli" "Kourvoulis".

My father Con George (Tzortzo)Poulos informs me that their were two brothers, Panayoti and Dimitri (James). Panayoti remained on Kythera, and James emigrated to the USA. He took on the name James Theodore George(opoulos).

Harris George, youngest of 4 children born to James Theodore George - takes up the story:

"My grandfather, Theodore Peter George, had three wives, my father being the last child of his third wife. My father was born in 1888. My father's name was Dimitri (James) Theodore George.

...my grandfather (who died in 1892 when my father was 4 years old) had three wives. He had one daughter (Eleni) by his first wife, had no children by his second, but his third wife (Maria Fratsikakis) had my father's much older brother (Panayiotis), and his three sisters (Stavroula, Meropi and Anastasia). Panayiotis married the sister of the Faros brothers, James and Gregory (both of whom came to establish homes in Baltimore, Maryland), and they remained childless. Anastasia married Aristides Diakopoulos. Stavroula married a man named Panayiotis Souris, who once was a chef in both Paris and New York. Meropi married George Mavroyioryis. My father's mother died when he was 7, and he was raised by his older brother Panayiotis..."

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on 17.12.2012

Hello, my grand-mother was Maria Souris from Karavas and she had a brother Panayiotis . After a long emigration aboard (Egypt, maybe France and USA) they came back to Greece, Pirews. I knew that Tzorzopoulos were parents in law of my grand-mother Maria and they came to the marriage of my cousin Ourania in Pirews. Maybe Panayiotis wife was a Tzortzopoulos. Panayiotis great-children live in Pireuw. Maybe you are parents with them. Do you know something about a Dimitrios Souris lighthouse keeper? he was Maria's and Panayiotis father; thei mother was Matina.

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 28.04.2023

Some corrections: Theodore G. Tzortzopoulos b. 1831, had 3 wives. 1. Milia Souri, they had one child, Athousa, who died 1860-1860, Milia also died in 1860. 2. Maroula Aroni, they had one child, Eleni (mentioned above as the child of the fist wife) 3. Maria Tzortzopoulou (not Maria Fratsikakis) - 10 children Panagiotis married Stamatia Faros Stavroula married Mina Souris