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George Poulos

Miliotis - Miller - reverse

Dimitri (Jim) Castrisios Miliotis was born in Mitata, Kythera. The Milioti "patriko spiti" is in "Sklavyanika", in Mitata, on the road leading down to the "vrissi" - natural spring. [See photographs at kythera-family.net.]

Jim arrived in Australia from Kythera, in 1921, aged 9 years. He simplified his name from Miliotis (the family 'paratsoukli') to Miller. Jim changed the name by Deed Poll.

Jim followed a precedent laid down by his father George - who used the family 'parachoukli'- instead of his surname.

The 'miliotis" parachoukli derived from the fact that the family owned/operated a mill.

This is the only example I know, where a parachoukli became the Australian [English] family surname.

Do any of the kythera-family.net users know of any other examples?

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