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George Fatseas


Well known nickname in Fatsadika Kythera is the 'Corsolas' Used by the family of George Fatseas (my grand father) son of Nicholaos Fatseas (my grand grand father). Nicknames - greece kythera fatsadika

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Steve Fatseas
on 13.07.2004

Hello George! I just came across your message about the Fatseas nicknames and the mention of Nicholaos Fatseas. My great-grandfather was also named Nicolaos Fatseas. He had a son Eugene but it is unclear to me if Eugene (my papou) had any siblings. My Papou Eugene emigrated to the US in 1906 and sent for his wife Maria and two sons, Nicolaos, born 1904, and Dimitrios (James), born 1905. Maria (my Yia-Yia) emigrated to the US with the two sons and arrived at Ellis Island on July 9, 1914. They had two daughters after arriving in the US, Helen, born 1915, and Anastasia, born 1916. Is it possible that your grandfather George had any siblings? Do you know if your Papou George's mother's name was Helen? My sincere regards, Steve Fatseas Everett, WA, USA