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submitted by Leslie Comino on 04.02.2006

"Palavras" - Comino

The nickname of my father, and hence my family is "Palavras".

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submitted by
Jim Comino
on 11.02.2006

My father is Theodore Mina Comino from Merriwa Nsw Australia son of Mina Comino and Malamatania Comino of Perliggianika Kythera. Some help with Mina would be appreciated if anyone has it .Many thanks. Les

submitted by
Jim Comino
on 13.02.2006

Jim Comino Son of Theodore Mina Comino [Palavras] full name is Leslie James Comino and has always been known as Jim Comino for some reason. Its hard to convert to your real name after yearsof being called otherwise. Please accept Leslie as Jim Comino.