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Robert Kass

Partial list of family nicknames of the Komninos families of Kythera.

Additional information, which may be of interest to Komninoi, is that all original branches of the family that migrated from the two original Komninos towns of Kythera, that is, Perlegianika & Dourianika, can be traced via their nicknames. I only know of a few. Some of them are: Andretsinis, Bahas, Byzinis, Douris, Koumessos, Midos, Palathros, Palavras, Panayotelis, Psilos, Roussos, Skordilis, Skouzes, Spetsotes, Yalakatos, Yalanis, Yanoufis, and Ynafeas...
In approx the 1870's the Spetsostes branch that went to Karava became known as Douris because they were from Dourianika. Also prior to 1880 some branches went to Mesa-Dimo and founded Kominianika near Ayia Elesa, and some went north to settle in Potamos. Some went to Youdianika (at what point in time, I don't know. However, I'm sure they do.).
Prior to the 1820's there was a third Komninos town known as Halepa. This Halepa town, there are several, is opposite Perlegianika, with the falling down church of Ayio Pandtes on top of it. This is where the original Koumessos families were from and, later, upon settling in Perlegianika were known as the Bahas and Palavras families.
At some point prior to the 1870's Dourianika was only known as Komninianika.
Of course, we have the added complications of the changes made to the spelling of the surname. From Komninos to Kominos. In English: Comnenus to Cominos. Some are also spelt Comino, Comninos, and Komnenos.
I hope this helps someone in any family research they may be undertaking.
All the best.

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Jim Comino
on 03.04.2007

Thank you Robert this clears up a lot in mine and my Brothers minds. It so appears they all come from the Byzantine Emperor Alexis Comnenus mentioned in the Funk and Wagner married to a Mary with two sons, Mary did not want the first son to be Emperor so had his eyes pulled out and sent into the desert. History is never ending but written. We hear little of the Byzantine , dont we?