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John Tzannes

Pateros - Tzannes Family

Like most Kytherians we know our "paratsoukli", but where did it come from and what does it mean?
Can anybody help me find out the full story?

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Christine Pateros-Nowak
on 01.05.2005

I am a Pateros. My name is Christine. My grandfather, George, immigrated from Kythera to Detroit, MI, USA. I don't have much information, but hope to travel to Kythera this July and wish to find out as much as possible about Kythera and my family. Please post with any information.

Jim Comino
on 05.04.2007

Dear John I saw your sight on the Family net. I could not give you a more alaborate look at Kythera than whats in the "History of Kythera " published by "The Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia" This book looks deep into the Islands History and is well worth reading for insight into the Islands history. Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia PO Box 203 Sydney South 2000 Australia. Buy it John and look back into the past for your roots. Leslie James Comino.