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James Gavriles

Tsirigotiko slang

Along with Paratsouklia, I also think there are many slang words associated with Kythera. I think that the island had many little words or sayings that other Greeks may not recognize or understand. They definitely had their own dialect . Maybe they were just within a family or a village, but it would be neat to start listing these also.

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George Poulos
on 03.12.2004

For those who can read Greek, the Society of Kythirian Studies has published a book devoted to the idiomatic "slang" words of Kythera: Author: Editor, Dim. L Komis. When Published: 1996 Publisher: Society of Kythirian Studies Available: Society of Kythirian studies Description: Greek, 504. pages. Price: Euros 18 "A collection of idiomatic words of Kythira or words used idiomatically in Kythira. A valuable aid for the comprehension of, and a linguistic approach to, local dialects in Greece through a chracteristic society, like that of Kythira. It contains approximately 10,000 words, and is prefaced by professor Giorgos I. Kassimatis. The work has been awarded by the Academy of Athens." The book is available from the offices of the Society of Kythirian Studies 5, Themistocleous St, Athens, tel. (+30)210-3838190 fax (+30)210-3844915