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submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 14.10.2005

Emmanuel P Kalligeros

Emmanuel P Kalligeros - Kalligeros Emmanuel

Emmanuel P. Kalligeros was born in Kythera in 1949, where he finished High School. He studied Political Sciences in Athens and worked for many years as executive of foreign banks. Now, he works in the Commercial Bank of Greece.

Since 1988 he has published monthly, the newspaper Kythiraika. Since 1991, he has also published the Historical and Tourist Book Guide Kythira, which is published in five languages, and of which multiple editions habe been printed.

His book Venus was born here – Synoptic History of Kythira, was published in 1996 It has been re-orinted three times.

He has written many articles in newspapers and magazines, regarding economic, banking and tourist issues. He is Vice President at the Society of Kytherian Studies and contributes actively to the Society's publishing programme.


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