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submitted by Helen Mortenson on 12.11.2022

Nicholas Crethar

I am endeavouring to confirm an entry submitted by George Poulos posted in 2005 indicating that Nicholas Crethar was the proprietor of 'The California Cafe' (formerly known as 'The Golden Gate Cafe') in Nyngan in the late 1020s and 1930s.  Is this the same 'Nicholas Crethar' who owned businesses in Lismore NSW in the 1930s and 1940s?

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submitted by
John Condoleon
on 13.06.2023

I john Condoleon was born in Lismore in 1941. However Flora Crethar was my God mother in Lismore.. I am not sure if Flora was related to Nicholas. However, I hope this my be of some help to you. Kind regards.