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Archie Kalokerinos. Losing a man of great wisdom. Tribute by Marcus Blackmore

Archie Kalokerinos. Losing a man of great wisdom. Tribute by Marcus Blackmore - Blackmore, Marcus tribute

March 5, 2012

Today is a very sad day. I have just heard of the passing at 84 years of age of a great friend and true pioneer of Nutritional Medicine in Australia, Dr Archie Kalokerinos.

Archie had a wonderful knowledge of the clinical use of vitamin therapy in particular the use of IV VitC, but of even greater significance was his amazing dedication to his work with aboriginal people.

He practiced in a number of places but I particularly remember Collarenebri and Coober Pedy, I believe he wrote his book entitled ‘Every Second Child’ in 1981 when he was in practice at the former town. When he first went to Collarenebri infant mortality amongst aboriginal children was one in two, hence the title of his book.

Archie was able, largely through the use of sound nutrition and vitamin C in particular, to achieve normal caucasian rates of infant mortality with the aboriginal population.

I distinctly remember Archie and I doing a public lecture in the Adelaide city hall some 25 years ago; what was incredible about that night was the number of aboriginal people who had travelled, in some cases hundreds of miles, to see Archie. He was deeply admired by his aboriginal patients and the aboriginal professional health care workers with whom he came in contact.

In his lifetime he was not afraid to voice his objection to the overuse of vaccination or other medical practices that he believed warranted either re-examining or investigation by his own profession.

He had many detractors for his controversial views but among his patients he had many ardent supporters.

In 2000 Archie was awarded the title ‘Greek Australian of the Century’ by the Melbourne based Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos. I have little doubt that Dr Archie Kalokerinos will go down in our history books as a man before his time, much like my own father.

Archie, may you rest in peace, you have made a wonderful contribution.

About Marcus Blackmore:

Current Appointments

Marcus is currently the Chairman of Blackmores Ltd, a public company employing over 540 people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The company markets the premium brand of vitamin and herbal products under the ‘Blackmores’ label and is widely recognised for its ethical practices and its treatment of staff.

Marcus also holds the following positions:
■Director (and Past Chairman), Young Endeavour Youth Scheme
■Honorary Trustee, CEDA (Committee for the Economic Development of Australia)
■Vice Chair, Defence Reserves Support Council

Previous Appointments
■Chairman and Board Member of the Heart Research Institute
■Chairman and Board Member of the Southern Cross University Foundation
■Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum
■Member, Maritime Ministerial Advisory Committee to the NSW Government

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