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Fate Decided By the Toss of Penny - Anastasios Hlentzos (1904-1932c)

Fate Decided By the Toss of  Penny - Anastasios Hlentzos (1904-1932c)
Copyright (1932) Cootamundra Herald, NSW

Cootamundra Herald, Monday 6 June 1932



The toss of a penny decided the fateful trip which the two Harden townspeople made to Cootamuhdra. One of them was killed, the other is in hospital with his right arm broken at the wrist and above the elbow.

The man who was killed was Anastassios Hlentzos, 28, employed at the 'Gardon of Roses'' restaurant, Hadden, by Mr. Anthony Flaskas, since 1924. In this sad instance the two friends were discussing a visit to their countryman at Wallendbeen. The latter had recently sent the deceased a birthday greeting card, and he (the deceased) felt that he wanted to go to Wallendbeen and personally thank his friend for the little act of kindly remembrance. As It was such a nice sunny afternoon on the Tuesday, he approached his friend Nicholas to drive the truck out. Nicholas, however, was not eager to go, but they agreed to toss up a penny, and on the result of that the trip was decided on. The deceased had won the

toss, but his luck cost him his life. It Is a strange thing which cannot be accounted for that he was exceptionally keen on having the trip to Wallendbeen on that fateful day, and nothing his friend could do would put him off. Finally, the coin decided it. It was not the intention to go on to Cootamundra, but after visiting Mr. Kato the party did go, and it was when they were near the Cootamundra saleyards the fatality occurred. Another strange incident occurred In Flaskas' shop in Harden on the night before the tragedy. A commercial traveler, by the aid of a book he had in his possession, read Mr. Flaskas' horoscope. He told him that from the date of his birth and other events in his life, this coming month indicated ill luck. Mr. Flaskas. of course, did not believe it. Deceased had no relatives in Australia. He was born in the City of Athens in Greece, where his parents, also a sister and four brothers, reside. The remains were taken from Cootamundra and placed in the Ross Memorial Presbyterian Church, from whence the funeral moved on Thursday afternoon to the local cemetery. The Rev. Father Ingnettlos, of the Eastern Orthodox Church, was to come from Sydney to carry but the last sad rites of that church, but, being unable to do so. the Rev. G. N. Bensley officiated.

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