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Kytherian Newsletter Sydney

Mr Andrew Balos.

The Kytherian, September, 2005. page 2.

Tribute to a Past President, of the Kytherian Association of Australia, Sydney.

Recently I received a letter from one of our members, Mr Andrew Caravousanos, regarding the passing of a past President, Mr Andrew Balos.

It highlighted the man's many achievements and his devoted service to the then Kytherian Brotherhood over a period of many years. It seems appropriate to share some of his achievements with you.

The late Andrew Balos was a generous, warm-hearted gentleman of Kytherian birth who served his adopted country, Australia, during WWII.

He also served the Kytherian Brotherhood as a Committee member from 1963-1969, treasurer from 1970-1971, and President from 1974-1975.

He was a bookbinder by profession, and often donated his services by printing booklets, raffle tickets and any other relevant material at his own expense. He would also pay for any professional assistance, if he could do it himself.

Mr Balos always continued to work tirelessly in all areas of the adminstration of the Kytherian Brotherhood.

Mr Balos, like others of his generation, have shown us that through loyalty, hard work and determination, our cultural heritage can be preserved for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

This is Mr Andrew Balos's legacy, and for that we truly thank him.

- Editor.

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