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John Faros

Theodore Faros

Theodore Faros was born in Karava, Kythera in 1917, the 1st son of John and Katherine Faros. Theodore lived through the depression and like many other Greeks at the time joined the Greek navy in the Second World War and returned to Kythera during the German occupation.

After the war he helped rebuild his island home and at the age of 34 left Kythera and migrated to Australia in 1951 in search of a better life. He travelled to Gunnedah taking up seasonal work and for a while worked as a cook in a cafe in Armidale.

He eventually moved back to Sydney and brought his younger brother Peter and sister Despina to Australia and started a milk bar business with his sister in Jannali. He also brought to Australia Francis who he married in 1957. He left the business to his sister and her husband and later started employment as general hand at the glass factory in Alexandria for a number of years.

During this time he bought the family house at Kogarah in Montgomery St and that was home to his son and daughter John and Kathy. It was a home where all his family friends would always call in for a coffee and a chat. As one of the first Greeks living in Kogarah he actively collected signatures from morning to night to petition the Greek community to build the original Greek Orthodox Church in Kogarah.

He left the glass factory to work for the Water Board now known as Sydney Water until he retired at the age of 65. Upon his retirement for looked forward to bringing up his 4 grandchildren Christopher, Theodore, Theodore and Peter while their parents were actively pursuing their careers. Throughout the community he was known for his unconditional love and devotion for his family, relatives, friends and the local people he befriended in the community.

Theodore was blessed to see 2 of his grandchildren develop into responsible educated young men with a distinct purpose in life. He also helped develop his other 2 grandchildren steering them through the difficult teenage years to become responsible caring children.

Theodore will be remembered as a great pioneer and provider to his family, relatives and friends who will be sorely missed.

Speech delivered at the wake

Ladies and Gentlemen

Firstly I would like to thank Father Soterios for performing my dad’s service, Secondly I wish to thank the Venus staff for today’s preparations. I would also like to thank everyone coming here today to pay our last respects to my dearly beloved father and sharing this moment of grief. I only want to say a few words as I know that many words have already been said. Those that know my father know that my dad was a kind, wise and generous man who would give the shirt off his back if he saw you in need of one. He was a shy man of few words but when he spoke his words were spot on. I know that I say this for all of us here today is that he will be sorely missed and that he will forever remain in our memories and our hearts.

One more thing
Every one of us loved him dearly and I think that it is only fair that those who wish to say a few words are most certainly welcomed to do so as words can do so much to help overcome this loss that we must bear. On behalf of my family and everyone here today, τhank you.

Κυριες και Κuριε

Προτα θελω να εφχαπισισω το πατερ Σοτιριος που μας εκανε την λιτοργια. Δεφτερω, θελω να εφχαριστισω το Venus lounge για το τραπεσι που μας εκαναν. Θελω να εφχαριστισω ολους σας που ηλθαλτε εδω σιμερα να εισαστε κοντα μας να τιμσετε τον αγαπιμενον μου πατερα. Μονο θελω να πο μερικα λογια για τον πατερα μου. Ολλη μας που τον ψεραn τον πατρεα μου που ειταν ενας καλος, σοφος και γενεροθερος ανθροπος που θα σου εδοuνε το μποθκαμισο απο τον πλατι του αν ειχεις τον αναγη. Ειταν ενας τιμιος ανθροπος με λιγα λογια μονο αμα μηλισε τα λογια του ειταν σοβαρα. Μιλαο για ολλοyς που ο πατερας μας θα μας λιπη πολι, θα τον θιμομαστε παντα και θα ειναι παντα στη καρδα μας.

Ενα ακομα πραγμα
Ολλη μας τον αγαποθσαμε και θα ειναι σοστω να αφισομε αφτους που θελλουν να μιλλισουν να πουνε μερικα λογα γιατι ειναι τα λογια που θα βοθεισουν να περασουν το πονο που χασαμε ενας καλος ανθροπος. Απο ολλη τι εκογενγα και ολλοθς εδω σιμερα, εφχαρισω.

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