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E. Kalligeros - J. Stathatos


A rare surname, restricted to the village of Viaradika where it first appeared. Etymologically, it stems from the female baptismal name Anthe, from which are derived Anthousa and, through rejection of the “n”, Athousa. Athousis, the feminine version of Athousa, first appears as a byname meaning the child or the son of Athousa; we know that the suffix –ousis was common during the Venetian period and is often encountered in surnames of Venetian origin such as Gerousis and Kavousis.[1] The suffix –ousis is also common in surnames of Albanian and particularly Arvanitiko[2] origin (Mitrousis, Kouvousis and others).[3] This does not appear to be the case with Athousis, which is one of the many Kytherian surnames derived from a byname, particularly during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is also one of the many matronymics found on the island, such as Dianos (from Diana), Marinis (from Marina) and Stamatoulas (from Stamatoula).

The surname Athousis is first encountered in Kalokairines in 1721, where the census recorded a certain Giorgi Athusi Candioto.[4] The Athousis in question, as evidenced by the designation Kantiotis (i.e., from Candia) must have come from Crete and was most likely one of the many refugees of that period or possibly even a chance visitor to Kythera, since there is no further record of this branch; nor does the available evidence suggest a connection with the Viaradika branch. Nevertheless, the presence of this surname is significant, since it proves that it existed in Crete at that period, even if it cannot have been widespread, since no trace of it can be discovered in the relevant Cretan archives.............

The entire translation of the aetiology (from Grk, cause, origin) of this surname, as with all other surnames, will be published at kythera-family.net after all translations are complete, collated, printed, published and distributed in the form of a book.

We anticipate that this will occur in the year, 2007

The original book, Kυθηραίκά Επώνυμα, was researched and written by Emmanuel Kalligeros, Athens, Greece.

It was printed and published by the Society of Kytherian Studies, Athens.

Printing and publication costs were met by the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, Sydney, Australia.

This translation, and the translation of all other surnames, by John Stathatos, Potamos, Kythera; Director of the Kythera Cultural Association.

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