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Renee Wallace


hello my name is renee wallace and i am looking for info on my family, my grandfathers family name is leontarakis and comes from kythera. his fathers name was theodore leontarakis.Theodore was born on a small farm in the hills of Kythira on 12-5-1900 and his family survived on breeding goats and growing olives and vegetables in the hills near a small village called Fratsia. His family had lived there for many generations. Theo as far as I know had a brother and sister, but he would never want to talk about them. . Seven men , were to flee to Australia as immigrants at the same time as Theodore to escape from the Island. The names of those men were two brothers called Charley and Peter Raftofolos. Spiero Raisis, Mikailios ( Mick) Kalakerinos, Nikolis (Nick) Kalamattis, Constantine Kassimattas and George Koukoulis. Those men were cousins related by marriage to the Leontarakis family and Nick’s girlfriend was also one of the sisters that lived on a nearby farm. If anyone has any information about our family or if we have any distant relatives that have any information please contact me via email at [email protected]

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