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Kytherian Newsflash

Lighthouse at Kapsali.



Lighthouses of Kithira (Kythira, Kythera) and Antikithira (Antikythira)

Note: Kithira is an island about 12 km (7.5 mi) off the southeastern tip of the Peloponnisos. Historically and culturally it is associated with the Ionian Islands, although it is remote from them geographically. Like the other Ionian Islands, it was administered by Britain from 1809 to 1864. The island has a population of about 3500 and is accessible by ferry from Gythio or Neapoli. Antikithira is a small island roughly halfway between Kithira and the northwestern tip of Crete.

* Moudari (Akra Spathi)
1901. Active; focal plane 114 m (374 ft); three white flashes every 30 s. 25 m (82 ft) round masonry tower with lantern and gallery, rising from one end of a 1-story masonry keeper's house. Tower unpainted except for a white band around the base; lantern painted white with a green roof; keeper's house painted white. Stephen Trifyllis has a distant photo in which the mainland can be seen in the distance. Located on Cape Spathi, the northern tip of Kithira. Site status unknown, but the site shoud be accessible from the end of a road that approaches the cape. ARLHS GRE-120; Admiralty E4066; NGA 15048.

* Kapsali
1853 (British). Active; focal plane 24 m (79 ft); white flash every 3 s. 8 m (26 ft) round cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, rising from a small 1-story masonry keeper's house. Entire lighthouse painted white, except the lantern dome is blue. A good photo is available. Located on a promontory on the east side of the harbor of Kapsali, a port near the southern end of Kithira. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS GRE-077; Admiralty E4068; NGA 15052.
Faros Moudari; Hellenic Navy photo

Apolitares (Antikithira)
1926. Active; focal plane 40 m (131 ft); two white flashes every 15 s. 23 m (75 ft) 2-stage round stone tower, lower stage cylindrical and upper stage conical, with lantern and gallery, attached to the seaward end of a 1-story stone keeper's house. The tower is unpainted; lantern painted white with a green roof; keeper's house painted white. The Navy has an excellent aerial photo. Savas's photo appears to be of a different lighthouse, painted white. Antikithira has a population of about 50; boat transportation from Kithira can be arranged. Located at the southern tip of the island. Site status unknown. ARLHS GRE-040; Admiralty E4072; NGA 15076.


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