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submitted by Nena Parkes on 17.01.2005

The Cavallini* house in Avlemonas

The Cavallini* house in Avlemonas
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The house of the Cavallini family, for more information see: "A chapter of Cavallini family history" in the Oral history section.

* Sometimes spelt Kavalini, Cavalinis, or Cavalenes

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submitted by
Peter Vanges
on 18.01.2005

170:From, Peter Vanges, "Kythera. A History". 1993. pp. 147-148. The house was built in 1827, in Avlemonas, Kythera. (After independence)....Kythera once again became the stop-over port for Austrian ships from Trieste, using Avlemona during winter and Kapsali during the summer months. The Company was known as Lloyds of Trieste. A representative was appointed to the island by the name of Giovani Kavalini (Cavallini) who also acted as Vice Consul of Kythera. The descendants of this man remained on the island for many generations and the name is evident today, with many residing in Kythera, Australia and other parts of the world. The tomb of one of the original Kavalini family members can be found in a small cemetry outside St Spyridon's Church at Kapsali. The Triestian vessels continued their journey to Smyrna where a strong Kytherian community was flourishing. The Kavalini family played an important role in the history of trade on the island as they were the official import-export representatives for many years, with trade from Europe and the Greek mainland."

submitted by
Stephen Samios
on 18.01.2005

173:Can someone provide us with a photograph or series of photographs of the tomb of the Kavalini descendant "in the small cemetry outside St Spyridon's Church at Kapsali"?