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submitted by Filoxenes Katoikes Traditional Rentals on 04.05.2013

Villa Venus

Villa Venus
Copyright (2012) Georgios Zorzos

With respect to the tradition of the island, we have created two autonomous villas of respective weight. Villa 1 comprised of three independent suites.. The third floor suite is ideal for 2 persons. The second floor apartment is ideal for 2 couples or 4 persons and comprised of 2 en-suite bedrooms. The ground floor suite can accommodate 2 persons. Every suite has its own unique view, towards the characteristic bay of Paleopoli.
Villa 2 (45 m2) conveniently accommodate three people and is ideal for a tranquil family vacation or romantic escapes. Each villa includes a bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a private bathroom΄, and spacious living room. All rooms provide web access, TV, balcony or terrace with amazing sea view and are equipped with central heating, fireplace, refrigerator, fully equipped kitchen, hair dryer, iron and bathroom amenities.

Surrounded by magnificent landscape, with trees and flowers that cover an area of 10 acres, the spacious open areas ensure peace and relaxation and are perfect for an enjoyable and breathtaking view of the sunset and long walking. The amazing garden area can provide you with juicy fruits and vegetables. The holiday experience in this little complex is sure to meet the needs of all travelers.

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About Filoxenes Katoikies

With respect to the tradition of the island, we have created a group of properties of respective weight, geared to your most particular demands, aiming through our friendly and professional service and hospitality, at making your stay on the island even more pleasant. You are the main characters and that is what matters the most. That is the central philosophy in our traditional settlements.

Apart from the high aesthetics and our attempt to combine successfully the traditional Kytherian architecture with the modern way of living, our ultimate goal is to serve our visitors in the best possible way. Homemade traditional sweets and marmalades are offered during your staying, along with our own organic products such as honey, fruits and vegetables, wine, eggs and olive-oil.

Filoxenes Katoikies consists of traditional villas, houses, and seaside apartments.
• Villa Venus, Kythira Villa
• Celestia Traditional Houses, Semeli Houses, Windmill Suites, Avlemonas houses, Paleopoli houses and Kalokairines house.
• Sole e Mare Traditional Studios, Athena apts & studios, Anemoi apts & studios

Stay in 8 different villages of Kythera, choose to stay in 2 or even 3 different properties.

Our philosophy is to create a unique experience for our visitors. The only way to do that is by introducing you to Kytherian customs, cuisine and traditions. Kythera, is considered to be one of the most authentic Greek islands, and it is one of our high priorities to engender in our visitors the feeling of being able to go back 30 years - to live in the Greece of the past.

Furthermore, in the near future, it is our intention to initiate a program that includes: Hiking, Boat trips, Cooking, Wine tasting, Olive-oil gathering, Guided tours and a series of other activities, in order to help out visitors to enter into the spirit of Kythera, and help them to understand and feel the Kytherian atmosphere.

It is important that visitors to Kythera be given the opportunity to live in
traditional Kytherian Houses, and experience authentic Kytherian culture.

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